Dock Seals At Overhead Door

Having a secure and function loading dock door is critical to your business. However, did you realize that Overhead Door also sells dock equipment accessories like dock seals, too? Our products are used to provide additional levels of protection and assistance.

What Is A Dock Seal?

Think of loading dock seals similarly to a cork in a wine bottle. Those corks prevent air from circulating into the bottle. Loading dock seals are a critical component in protecting your building, shipments, and vehicles. The seal provides a barrier between your loading dock and the transportation trucks. Docks seals have help business owners maintain a more stable temperature. Additionally, the seals provide an added layer of protection by keeping bugs and poor weather conditions out of your building. Dock seals are particularly useful if you are working with sensitive shipments, such as food or temperature-dependent loads.

Types Of Dock Seals

mcguire-ts101_th-1.jpgOverhead Door works with McGuire, a premier manufacturer of commercial docks and accessories. There are several options from which to choose when looking at dock seals.

Fixed Head

The TS101 model is a three-sided seal made of foam. The dock seal incorporates a fixed head pad mounted over two side pads to create a tight possible seal between the interior of your building and the outside elements. This model is a cost-effective option perfect for companies that see high load volumes and that utilize transportation equipment of a consistent width and heights.

Curtain Head

Do you have various equipment sizes? If so, the TS103 dock seal might be an option for your business. This model also comes with foam side pads, though the curtain head feature is the most beneficial way of handling equipment that has multiple trailer heights. The seal's two side pads plus a full width curtain work to create a quality seal for various types and sizes of trailers.

Adjustable Head

If you're looking for more flexibility for different trailer sizes, consider McGuire's TS500 series dock seal. Though it also boasts the foam side pads, it also incorporates a counterweighted adjustable curtain head to provides create an unbeatable seal, regardless of trailer height. No matter what size the trailer is, the two high quality side pads pair with head pad that can be adjusted manually to seal your building by allowing users to position the head pad on a vertical track. To minimize wear, this model also comes with a wide selection of highly durable fabrics and additional wear surfaces.  

Overhead Door is happy to answer your questions about our dock seal solutions. Not sure which one best suits your needs? Just contact us today to request a free estimate!

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