In order to provide the correct door solution, we need to understand the Architect/Contractor to Door Supplier/Manufacturer Relationship.

Architect to Door Supplier Relationship

  • What information must be supplied about door from the architect/builder/contractor to pick the proper wind load door?
    • Size
    • Jamb type
    • Opening clearance information
    • Design pressure requirement (PSF +/-), not wind speed
    • Impact required? Yes or No

  • What the manufacturer gives to the architect/builder/contractor:
  • Door that meets specifications
  • Loads the door will place on the structure; shown on the wind load drawing

Specifications can often times be found on the Building Specification Page.  On the structural specification page for a building, the structural engineer lists all of the wind load factors, as well as the pressure loads for the different parts of the structure, including the doors.