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Ways to Insulate Your Garage Door

Posted by Bob weidner on Mon, Nov 11, 2019 @ 11:21 AM


Though West Texas has been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures for this time of year, it's never too early to start planning for winter. Your garage can end up as the source of a significant amount of cold air; if you aren't careful, can end up inside your home. Follow our tips on ways to insulate your garage to keep the cold where it should be - outside.

Insulate Your Garage and See Savings

Garage Doors

Metal doors absorb cold and heat easily. If you don't have an insulated garage door from Overhead Door, that doesn't mean you can't add insulation later. While not as durable or high quality as pre-insulated doors, you can purchase a kit with foam insulation from many major retailers. If you're using your garage as a workspace, insulating the door is worth the time and money. If it's time to replace your garage door, ask one of our friendly technicians about a genuine Overhead Door insulated product.

Entry Doors

Make sure that other doors coming off of your garage are well-insulated, especially  you've got an entry door into home. Consider switching out older doors that may not seal well after your house had settled. Opt for a steel or solid wood door without windows. If you can't spend the money on a new door, you can always drape plastic sheeting from inside your garage to prevent cold air from slipping into your home.

1109_OHDPB 2.jpegWindows

Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal off drafty windows. If there are air leaks, you could also be unintentionally creating an environment for water or insects to enter your garage, as well.


If you're currently building your home, consider adding insulation and sheet rock in your garage. Not only will it help keep it warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it can make your garage a much more pleasant workspace. If your home is older and you use it frequently as a shop, you might consider a renovation to add insulation for a more comfortable environment.


Along each door, including garage doors, it's important to add weatherstripping along the floors to block drafts from underneath the door. Measure your doors to find out what you need. Most hardware stores carry these supplies on-hand. However, worst case scenario, you can always purchase the items online. 

Not sure where to start with insulating your garage? Speak with an experienced member of the Overhead Door team today - we offer helpful, efficient service for your garage door needs.

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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Tips

Posted by Bob weidner on Sun, Dec 10, 2017 @ 10:12 AM


It’s decoration time! We expect that you’ve already started decorating for the holidays, but there are several outdoor holiday decorating tips you should follow for your merriment…and protection. 

All is (B)Right

Make sure any exterior lights are manufactured for outdoor use. Though some strings can be dually used for indoors and outdoors, it’s critical that exterior lights are made to weather the storm. Interior lights simply can’t handle cold, wet temperatures. 

Ho Ho Ho, NOT No No No!

Don’t create a slip, trip and fall hazard with your decorations. It’s important to be festive, not fatalistic! Keep pathways free of decorations, particularly cords or moving parts that could cause someone to fall. It’s also important to keep walkways de-iced on snow and ice days to prevent dangerous slips. No one wants to hurt the parcel delivery service people (or Santa)!

Door Décor Safety

Adding decoration to your garage door is a great way to add merriment to your home. However, be sure that it’s securely fastened and kept away from your garage’s moving parts. If you aren’t careful, wreaths, garland, and tinsel can get wrapped around the gears and chains. Though we’re happy to assist you with service, Overhead Door prefers prevention to a cure – when it comes to the flu and garage door repairs.

Check Your (Electrical) List Twice 

As a regular safety measure, all outdoor outlets are safe from moisture and properly grounded to prevent sparks and fire hazards. Additionally, avoid slips, trips, and falls by keeping power cords out of walkways – it’s critical to make sure the cord isn’t so tight as to tear away from the plug. If you plan on having a significant amount of outdoor electrical decorations, consider a hardcore exterior power supply that keeps you from overloading outlets.

Do you have any favorite holiday safety tips? Remember that the holly jolly service team at Overhead Door is always available if your garage gears do manage to get tangled up in holiday garland.

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Insulating Your Garage Doors

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Jan 12, 2016 @ 11:53 AM

This time of year, it's easy to dread going into your garage, whether it's to start your car or pack away your Christmas decorations (no judgement). How can you make it a little less dreadful? Try insulating your garage doors! Here's how!

Before beginning this garage door D.I.Y., first know that adding insulation adds weight to a garage door. Extra weight isn't a problem with 9 foot wide doors, but can strain mechanisms behind larger doors. Before insulating a larger door, the spring tensions might have to be adjusted…which is a job better left for us. However, if your door is 9 (or less) feet wide, this D.I.Y. how to is for you!


There are several different types of insulation to choose when insulating your garage doors:

1. Reflective-This type of insulation reflects radiant heat, making it a great insulation choice for West Texas.

2. Foam Board-Foam board provides high insulating value for relatively little thickness.

3. Batt-This insulation is typically made of fiberglass and backed by paper foil. When insulating your garage doors, consider purchasing a garage door insulation kit. They generally contain insulating, fasteners and utility tools.

Also, keep in mind when choosing an insulation, that you want to match your garage door to the insulation you choose.

Steel Doors-These doors can accommodate any type of insulation. You can either squeeze foam board into the frames or stuff flexible insulation around the panels (fiberglass side touching the door).

Wood Doors-For wood frame and panel doors, cut and fit rigid insulation into the recesses between the frames. Two layers of foam board may be necessary for extra climate control.

Flat Doors-For doors without panels, foam board or reflective insulation is best. Just glue or tape the insulation you choose to the door.

We hope those tips help to keep your garage a little more comfortable during these cold winter months! If you have questions, or need our service, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Jan 05, 2016 @ 05:51 PM

Nieve_LaCarlota.jpgIt is important to prepare your home for winter conditions (especially after all that ice last year) to protect your home. The following easy steps will help to reduce the risk of damage to your home due to harsh weather conditions.

Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter 

1. Insulate Exterior Pipes

Do you have water lines that run along the outside of your home? If so, be sure to insulate those lines to decrease the chance of them freezing.

2. Weatherproof Your Home

When purchasing a home, you will learn a lot about your future home with a home inspection. For example, you will find out more about the amount of insulation, the condition of the windows, if the doors are insulated, etc. It is important to know this kind of information for the winter season. If it’s necessary, you may want to consider adding insulation, weather-stripping, or redoing some ductwork in order to keep your home warmer during the winter months.

3. Have Your Flue Inspected

If you plan to use your wood-burning fireplace, make sure to have the flue inspected before doing so. This should be something you do annually to prevent damage to your home.

4. Detectors

Especially if you will be using your fireplace, make sure that both your smoke detector(s) and carbon monoxide detector(s) are functioning properly. These detectors should be tested monthly and batteries need to be replaced twice a year.

We hope these winter prep tips will protect your home this season! And don't forget...for all of your garage door needs, Overhead Door is here! Contact us anytime online!

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