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How To Make The Right Overhead Garage Door Choice For You

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Aug 14, 2018 @ 02:10 PM


Do you need your garage door repaired or replaced? Are you overwhelmed with all of the choices that are available? Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether to purchase or repair your overhead garage door.  

Budget first!

Knowing your budget first will allow you to wisely pick the material, the style and ultimately allow you to make the best decision for what you want and need in a new overhead garage door.

Choose a dollar range of approximately 20% and set yourself a range. For example, if you feel you can spend $1000 on this project, you will have a range of $800-$1200. This range will allow you to make the best choice based on the pros and cons of materials and style. Every decision you make concerning household improvement adds value to your home. A new garage door will add both value and comfort while improving the aesthetic.


Wooden Doors - Wood is a sturdy material to use, but often comes with a higher price tag and semi-yearly upkeep. These doors will hold up well in any climate, but will need to be refinished every few years.

Steel - Rugged and durable, steel is a cost-efficient and long lasting material. There are still multiple designs to choose from, but steel will also rust over time. Adding a fiberglass overlay can negate rusting and make this door a reliable, long lasting investment.

Aluminum - Lightweight and more durable than the aluminum doors of yesterday! Cheaper frames of aluminum are prone to dents and dings if you have children playing ball in the driveway for example, but heavier duty frames are a more resistant option. Having an aluminum door laminated will add to its durability over time.

Fiberglass - A fiberglass door is a great investment in warmer and coastal areas. In colder climates, it can yellow and crack due to the extremes. Fiberglass can be molded and designed to any shape and texture, which allows for many different visual options.

Vinyl - Vinyl doors are extremely resilient, modern and an option to consider along with wood if you have children playing in the driveway. More durable than other options, they are very difficult to dent or crack. While vinyl doors aren't offered in as many styles and aesthetics, they can be your best investment for a long term, reliable door that needs little maintenance outside of a power washing every so often.


Carriage house (swing up) - This style is associated most often with that "barn door" look. They complement rustic style or mission types of houses that seek to portray a rustic aesthetic. They conjure images of old carriage barns and can be designed to your ornate tastes.

Contemporary - These doors offer clean lines and a modern take on just the aesthetic you are looking for.. They come in a variety of design styles and most often be matched with the material that suits your needs.

Traditional - The tried and true classic style that often suits older homes. Choose from a variety of designs in order to improve the look, but maintain that traditional feel that you are looking for.

Best decision for you

You can make your new overhead garage door choice simpler by narrowing your decisions to  your budget, material and style that works best for your home and garage. You can utilize Overhead Door of the Permian Basin™ to help you with your decision. We can help assess those needs and wants, and even use our online visualization tool to upload a picture of your garage and play around with different styles here.

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Fun Summer Projects!

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Jul 31, 2018 @ 05:59 PM


Fun Summer Projects You Can Do with Your Entire Family

Summertime is a season for relaxation and fun. However, it's easy to feel fidgety. Resolve your family's restlessness with some interactive projects that are low-stakes and kid-friendly. Get over the Summertime Blues with some easy projects any homeowner can do:
Plant Vibrant Wildflower to Help the Local Bee Population
Bees help pollinate flowers that in turn grow foodstuff that is good to eat, like apples and almonds. In fact, if bees were suddenly to disappear off the face of the earth, our food supply would be in dire straits. So one thing we can do to help our friendly bee population is to plant flowers in our backyard, or in a plant box placed on our garage door. Flowering plant seeds can be bought inexpensively for any season at your local home and garden store, and children will have a field day planting the seeds. Just be sure to follow the directions on the packet. Tip: Choose the most vibrant colors! Bees love reds, oranges, yellows, and bright purples.
Scan Old Family Photos
Whenever you flip through old family photo albums, do you ever think of what it might feel like to lose your precious family memories? With digital technology mainly at our fingertips with smartphone features that can scan photos at high resolutions with just a snap of a button, it is not difficult to imagine scanning your favorite precious pictures, especially photos that may be in danger of destruction or a little worn for wear.
Sharing your old images is also a great indoor activity to get your kids thinking about their own family's heritage. Tip: You probably can't scan all your photos, so make it a group effort and have everyone select their best pictures.
Toss Out Old Clothes Using Age-Old Zen Practices
It's a tedious job to clean out your wardrobe, so spice it up and make the event a family project. Inspired by the ideas from Marie Kondō's book "The Life-Changing Habits of Tidying Up," invite you and your family to bring all their clothes into the family room. Go through each article of clothing one-at-a-time and really ask the tough question: "Do these clothes make me happy?" If you don't feel it, toss it.
The idea is not to overthink it. You can go first, if you are the head of the family, to set the tone. When you collect all the clothes that you're not feeling, donate your used textiles to a local non-profit that clothes the needy.
Paint Your Mailbox
A mailbox is a practical device used by your postman to deposit your daily mail; but, more than likely, your mailbox could use a drop of paint. Since a mailbox is not an integral component to your home decor, it could be fun to get creative with colors or design. Use stencils, or find a bright color in an unused paint canister in the garage. Make it a tradition and paint the mailbox in different colors depending on the season. Tip: It's a dirty project so make sure everyone wears their dingiest clothing.
As you can see, home projects can be enjoyable - but most importantly it is a way to get your family together to do stuff that you usually wouldn't do in the busier Fall and Spring months of the year.
Do you have garage door updates you need help with but don't know how to start? Send us a messageand well be glad to help you out.

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Add Some Life to Your Garage with These Fun Tips

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Wed, Jun 13, 2018 @ 02:47 PM


A garage is a place for work, but it does not have to be a dead space. In fact, you can add some details to the area to bring it to life. By sprucing up this space, it will go from an eyesore to an eye-catcher.


Address the Lighting Situation

The lighting around your home is important for safety and security. This extends to your garage area as well.

  • Small lights along the driveway add a touch of beauty to the area. They also give you a sense of boundaries when you are walking or doing other activities.

  • Consider purchasing motion sensor lights to place by the garage and again by your front door. These lights won't keep your neighbors awake. They will alert you when someone or something is in the area so you can address it.

  • Don't forget a floodlight for above your garage door. It is important to see your entire surroundings. The addition of a floodlight gives you better lighting for unloading your vehicle.

Add Some Life with Plants

Bring the area around your garage to life with some easy to care for plants. They add a touch of color to an otherwise dull space.

  • Consider plants that do well in shade. Choose plants that thrive in the shadeand in your soil type.

  • Think about blending this small garden in to your other front facing garden. This adds a sense of uniformity and draws visitors eyes across the entire property.

  • Keep the plants on the smaller side. This will help deter people or animals from hiding in them when you are not home.

Add Some Outdoor Cover for Longer Projects

The final tip for bringing life to the area is a covered outdoor space.

  • Consider buying or building a pergolaor other outdoor coverage for your plants to grow on.

  • Choose a model that is large enough for you to work under as the weather allows.

  • Ask your family for their input on the extra structure.

Look around the front of your home and use it as a guide when deciding the style of this addition.

Creating a uniform look from your garage to your home brings the picture together. Invest some time into this otherwise drab space to add more curb appeal to the home. These extra touches might help sway potential buyers if you put your home on the market in the future.

For more upgrades to your garage door, contact Overhead Door of the Permian Basin

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Helpful Tips to Help Get Your Garage Organized

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, May 24, 2018 @ 03:01 PM


Utilizing the available space is important when it comes to organizing your garage. Aren't you tired of wading through clutter to find that one thing you were looking for? Organizing your garage makes it easier to find the things you want, and it also gives you more space to store the things you have. Here are some tips and ideas to help you achieve this vision. 

Tool Rack

Long handled items like brooms, rakes, and shovels can cause clutter if they are not properly stored. The long handle gets in the way and can trip you up. Tool racks are great organizational choices and space makers. All of your long handled tools fit easily into a rack and are held up ensuring that no damage is done to them. Make space and make it easier on yourself the next time you need to find the broom.  

Use Your Walls 

The wall offers a lot of potential storage. You can put up hooks to store items like bicycles off the ground and on the wall. Hooks are simple to install and open up a lot more floor space than was previously available. Shelving is another potential way to store items on your walls and clear your floor and walk space. 

Cabinets and Drawers

These organizers help you keep clutter to minimum. These are great options for people with a lot of tools who also want a desk or work area surface too. You can get a workbench with cabinets and drawers for tools and other items. This also gives you the ability to lock up any expensive or irreplaceable item in the event that your garage is broken into. 

Ball Cages

There are a myriad of different balls that your kids or you might be playing with. These items can get in the way in a garage. The most efficient way to store them is in a ball cage. It keeps clutter off the floor and it keeps all the gear in one place. 

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Memorial Day Party Tips

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, May 26, 2017 @ 09:01 AM

Memorial Day 2017.jpgHellllooo, three day weekend! As you’re reading this, many of you may be packing up to head out of town. However, if you’re staying in town, here are some of Overhead Door’s tips on our favorite Memorial Day party tips.

It’s Not Just A Three-Day Holiday

First and foremost, Overhead Door wants you to remember the reason for this holiday weekend. Until 1971, Memorial Day was traditionally celebrated on May 30th. The federal government adopted the holiday as the last Monday of May as a way to honor and remember the soldiers who had lost their lives fighting for our country. 

To start your Memorial Day, we encourage you to honor the men and women who made this day possible. You can do this by attending a celebration at your nearest veterans memorial, going to a parade, or privately remember our troops.

Clean Up And Get Ready To Party

Your garage is actually one of the best places to host a party – assuming it’s clean! Before the big bash on Monday, we recommend following our tips on getting your garage organized. Make sure that it’s free of any stains and chemicals, especially if you plan to serve food out of it. 

Though it’s a little late to get started for Memorial Day, we recommend adding these amazing Lifestyle Screens. They can make your next holiday celebration a big success. Lifestyle Screens allow air to circulate through your garage while keeping bad weather, insects, and pets out. Get your estimate today!

Get Festive

Decorations sometimes take up more time than you’d like. Keep your décor simple by using indoor/outdoor twinkle lights, festively colored tablecloths and utensils, and small American flags. If you plan to use your garage as the designated party area, make sure that any surfaces are clean of chemicals. If children will be in attendance, it’s also important to make sure that sharp tools and potentially toxic substances are stored elsewhere.

Food Safety Tips

If you’re planning on going traditional with your food, here are a few quick tips to help you make the most best buffet yet:

  • Keep dairy-based (mayo-included) items refrigerated or on-ice. Food-borne illnesses occur frequently when items like potato salad or deviled eggs are left out too long.
  • Cook as you go. Though it’s easier to cook everything at once, it’s best to cook what you need. That way, there’s no food sitting out to spoil.
  • Make sure meats (particularly chicken) are thoroughly cooked through.
  • Use tiki torches, citronella, or fans to keep insects away from picnic areas. However, we encourage you to be cautious about any open flames.
  • Keep food in the shade. If you’re enjoying the Memorial Day holiday party in your garage, you’re good to go!

All of us at Overhead Door want to wish you a very happy and safe Memorial Day. If your garage door decides to misbehave over the weekend, we're available to help.

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