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How to Spot a Garage Door Scam

Posted by Bob weidner on Thu, Sep 14, 2017 @ 09:17 AM


Unfortunately, there are many people who happily take advantage of those in need. Garage door service is no different. No one wants to be conned. That's why the professionals at Overhead Door are sharing ways to spot a garage door scam. 

They Offer Insanely Cheap Fees

Watch out for companies advertising low or no service call fees. Most reputable companies charge approximately $100 for a service call - this fee covers the cost of using a trained technician who has the skills to properly diagnose and correct garage door issues. Cheap companies often lure in customers with inexpensive initial rates, then price gouge them later.

They Have a Website, but No Supporting Facts

Just because you find a company online doesn't mean that it's a legitimate company. It's important to research reviews, ask your sphere of friends and family, and do what you can to verify the company's claims. Just because someone has a website doesn't mean they're qualified to work on your garage door.

They Push to Begin Work Quickly

While most service companies want to get your garage door up and running quickly, use caution with companies who won't provide a total written estimate. Though some jobs can become more involved once a technician begins the work, scammers will quickly tear your door apart, then demand exorbitant fees to reassemble it (assuming they can put it back together).

They Want Free Reign

Unless you have an excellent security system or you're working with a company you can trust, be cautious of who you allow into your home. Before the technician arrives, put away valuables. Some would-be thieves will use the guise of a service call to case your home. Additionally, don't leave your home unattended while the technician completes his or her work.

Are you looking for a name you can trust? Overhead Door has decades of experience - our customers rely on us to protect their homes and offer reasonable service rates. To schedule an appointment with our professionals, contact us today!

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