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We Offer Commercial Rolling Service Doors

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, Sep 07, 2018 @ 07:00 AM

Many people choose Overhead Door when they think of installing and maintain garage doors for their homes. However, many businesses require various types of overhead doors, as well. We’re here to tell you all about our rolling service door options.

Various Rolling Service Door Options To Meet Your Needs

rolling-service-doors-MAIN.jpgOverhead Door offers a rolling service door product line that is tough to beat. We work with you to make sure that your project specs and style are met easily. Rolling service doors are perfect for businesses with space limitations, where side room and headroom is at a premium.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

A simple, understated rolling door might be just what you’re looking for. Perhaps you want something a bit more high tech. Either way, we offer a variety of upward-coiling service doors to meet your needs. Our rolling doors are capable of fitting openings up to 1500 sq. ft. (139,355 sq.mm). They also come in the industry's widest array of curtain materials and colors, and slat profiles. These options help you to design exactly what you need for your business. These choices offer our customers a practically limitless array of individualization to make your rolling service doors both visually appealing and functional for your business.

Door Options And Features

rolling-service-door-600-model-1.jpgJust like a new car, your rolling door is fully customizable with various options from which to choose. Here are just a few of the options available from Overhead Door’s premier selection:

  • Roll-formed galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum curtains in weights from 26 to 14 gauge (not all gauges available in all materials)
  • Primed or painted steel, clear, or colored anodized aluminum, or PowerGuard finish options. Color options include approximately 215 colors.
  • Push-up, chain-hoist, crank, or motor operation available.
  • Insulated slated and/or weatherstripping options.
  • Stormtite™ models provide the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major U.S. manufacturer of insulated rolling steel doors.
  • High-use and pedestrian pass door packages are available
  • Need more details about customized rolling service doors? Be sure to visit with us.

If you’re interested in inquiring about our rolling door options for your business, choose Overhead Door.

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Commercial Overhead Doors Protect Your Business

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, Apr 28, 2017 @ 12:06 PM

fire-rated-counter-door-660-model-1.jpgHow can commercial overhead doors protect your business? In various ways! Today, we're here to share some of the biggest ways the right door can help keep your business more secure.

Protection #1: Weather Conditions

One of the biggest hazards to your transportation endeavors at your company is inclement weather. High winds, heavy rain, and storms can cause a significant amount of damage to your commercial building. Installing commercial-grade doors that can help your building withstand such conditions is definitely a positive investment. Not only does it protect equipment and materials inside, it can also protect employees from the dangers going on with the weather. 

Protection #2: Fire

security-grille-671-model-1.jpgAnother hazard with operating a commercial business is the risk of fire. This is particularly common in industrial and light commercial buildings. Fire-rated overhead doors are designed to close automatically when a specifc alarm is triggered. They are meant to prevent the spread of flames, smoke, and toxic fumes. There are specific fire ratings for different doors, designed to withstand fires for anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. If one of your company's industrial risks is fire, contact one of our representatives today. We can help you to determine which fire-rated door is the best fit for your business.

Protection #3: Theft

Whether you've got an industrial business or a retail company, it's important to protect your investment. Choosing an overhead door that keeps would-be thieves out of your building is an important safety precaution. Whether you need steel doors, counter doors, or a security grill, Overhead Door is available to help you determine your options.

Are you ready to re-evaluate your overhead doors to ensure that they help to protect your investment, give Overhead Door of San Angelo a call. We offer complimentary estimates.

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Your High-Speed, High Performance Door Solution

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Mon, Jul 11, 2016 @ 03:29 PM

Attention architects, contractors and business owners! You now have five new models to choose from when looking for a high-speed, high performance door solution. Overhead Door recently entered the high speed door category with its new line of RapidFlex™ High Speed doors including four rolling fabric door models for both interior and exterior applications and a rugged rubber door model for applications in harsh environments like chemical and mining facilities.

The five models were unveiled at the International Door Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year. "Our new high performance door products include industry-leading standard features that set us apart from the competition," said Joe Dachowicz, marketing vice president for Overhead Door. "With patent-pending designs, enhanced safety features, and self-resettable operation, we are confident that our doors provide the best-in-class in productivity and longevity."

RapidFlex™ High Speed Doors are appropriate for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage, manufacturing, clean rooms, auto and transit, mining and temperature control. All of the RapidFlex™ High Speed doors feature breakaway and self-reset, two sets of infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges, and an industry-leading five year door system warranty.

“Overhead Door is one of the most comprehensive garage door and opener manufacturers,” added Ali Isham, marketing director for Overhead Door. “The launch of the new RapidFlex™ High Speed door models shows our commitment to ensuring that our customers are offered a broad selection of product options for commercial and industrial applications.” 

For more information about our door selection or to request an estimate, Overhead Door Permian Basin today!

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Commercial Garage Doors At Overhead Door

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Did you know that The Overhead Door Company does more than just residential doors? That's right, we can take care of your business, too! Find out more about our commercial garage doors.

We know that your commercial garage doors can take a beating. That’s why we build quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business. Our company boasts a complete selection of performance- and safety-tested commercial and industrial overhead doors, including rolling-steel garage doors. We manufacture a wide array of styles to meet your business needs, from insulated and non-insulated doors for internal and external applications to high-performance, sectional-steel and fire-rated doors. Engineered for excellence and backed by a dedicated nationwide network of Red Ribbon Distributors, Overhead Door’s commercial and industrial doors are the premier choice for durability, serviceability and hassle-free performance.

Have a look at some of our favorite commercial garage doors below, but to browse our entire selection, click here!

High Speed Fabric Doors

Interior and exterior high speed fabric doors that provide the utmost in efficiency, reliability and return on investment.


Sectional Steel Doors

Comprehensive line of sectional steel and insulated steel doors.


Thermacore Doors

An ideal choice for applications that demand the highlest levels of thermal efficiency, air filtration and wind load resistance.


High Speed Rubber Doors

Exterior high speed rubber doors that provide rugged construction and durability for extreme environments.


If you would like more information about our commercial garage doors or if you're ready to request a free estimate, we'd be happy to help. Contact us here or give us a call!


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The Allura Shutter

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 @ 01:42 PM

Did you know that we have an entire line of commercial overhead doors? We do! You can browse our selection here.

We are happy to announce the newest addition of our commercial line, the Allura™ Shutter. The Allura Shutter is an attractive alternative to rolling grilles and service doors, offering flexibility in aesthetic options to match the surrounding environment of almost any location. The Allura Shutter provides the security and high visibility that many retailers require and is perfect for high-traffic pedestrian areas.


The Allura™ Shutter is aesthetically pleasing as well. It is available in 197 powder coat colors and several wood grain finishes, offering an appealing look for any commercial application. This allows for many configurations with the right amount of light and air passage.

The aluminum design of this system provides durability for both interior and non-windload exterior use and functions quietly and smoothly no matter if your shutters are operated manually, with a crank or motorized. This shutter is a new light-duty door solution versatile enough for specialty use, and it offers a space-saving design, making it perfect for installations with limited side room and headroom. The Allura™ Shutter is perfect for your commercial needs!

Residential or commercial, Overhead Door has the perfect door for you! To learn more about what door is best for your property, request a FREE design consultation. Or, contact us to get more information on the Allura™ Shutter!

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The Model 674 Security Grille

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @ 11:31 AM

Are you a business or property owner looking for a way to secure interior retail storefronts? We have an ideal solution!

The Model 674 Security Grille is specifically engineered for inside applications. It is a perforated grille constructed from lightweight aluminum panels that maximize visibility, air flow, and light infiltration, all while providing high-level security. 

Visual Appeal Meets Security

This high-level security doesn't have to affect the visual appeal! The Model 674 is a visually appealing package but doesn't detract from its surroundings. The perforated aluminum curtain panels feature a clear, anodized finish or an optional PowerGuard premium powered coat pain finish to match interior surroundings. It's exactly what you want for storefront protection, sleek security.

Model 674 Security Grille 

The Grille's counterbalance assembly is composed of strong, helical torsion-springs enclosed in a steel tube. The guides have continuous wear strips to not only ensure ease of operation, but also to limit the amount of noise.

To find out more information about the Model 674 Security Grille, please contact us! Our goal is to combine quality, dependable products with reliable service to consistently give you confidence and peace of mind.

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