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Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Garage Door

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, May 13, 2016 @ 11:22 AM

Any time you make a decision to improve your home, there are many things to consider. You may not even know where to begin! That's why we've developed a list of questions to ask before purchasing a garage door. Take a look!



How much am I willing to spend?

Of course, cost is an important factor when purchasing a garage door. Determine an approximate price that you plan to spend on a garage door.


How long do I plan to live in this home?

Do you plan to invest in a garage door that you'll never have to replace again? Or maybe you're just looking for one to get by until the next owners take over? Does resale value need to be a factor?

What is the look of your home?

You what to pick a garage door that complements the look of your home. Is the style of your home more traditional or modern? Pick a door that goes with the style of your home.

What collection do I like?

At Overhead Door, we offer a variety of collections from Carriage House to Aluminum. Browse our selection to see which look you favor. You can also use our interactive design tool to see which door looks best on your home!
So you've answered the questions above and you're wondering what the next step is. We offer free design consultations and estimates to get you on the right track! Request yours today!

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