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Painting Your Garage Floor

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Aug 19, 2016 @ 11:34 AM

Summer is winding down and the kids will be back to school soon. Looking for a simple home project? Painting your garage floor can not only add living space to your home, but it can also protect your garage floor from oil and fluid drops. But what type of paint should you use and why? Let us help!


Masonry Paint – This type of paint is thicker than other types of paint and won't crack or peel, making it perfect for concrete garage floors.

Latex Paint – Like masonry paint, latex paint won't crack or peel. However, plain old latex paint is not built to withstand the wear and tear your garage floor experiences. If you choose latex, make sure you find a paint specifically for floors or you will have to repaint it often.

Epoxy – Epoxy is a great choice if you're looking to change the look of your garage floor. There are lots of different finishes available that will completely transform the look of your concrete. Application is a little more complex than just painting it, but the finish is durable and shouldn’t need to be reapplied. 

Concrete Stain – Concrete stain is long lasting and durable. It is easy to apply, and can last for years. The floor will still feel like concrete, but stain may not cover up oil and fluid stains.

So, decide what your objective is when painting your garage floor, and make a decision on what type of paint to use based off that! For more information on exactly how to paint your garage floors, we've got a blog on that, too! Check it out here!

For all your garage door needs, remember Overhead Door Company. We'd be honored to show you the difference in service we provide!

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