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Garage Safety During The Holidays

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Mon, Nov 23, 2015 @ 05:09 PM

It's something most homeowners don't think of during the holidays…garage safety. But think about it! You are in and out of your garage more during the holidays (getting out decorations, storing gifts, countless shopping trips to the grocery store and mall…). It's exhausting just thinking about it! We're here to make sure you stay safe during the holidays.

4094671766_816be9b32e.jpgKeeping the garage door shut at all times
Did you know the garage is a burglars favorite point of entry? Especially during the holidays! Make sure you keep your garage closed while you are there AND away. An easy way for you to avoid leaving the garage open with children around is having a keypad installed. This will allow the children to type in the code without have to use a car clicker. Also, make sure to keep the door connected to the garage locked. If for some reason someone does enter your garage, the worst thing that could happen is they enter your house as well. 
Install automatic lighting around your garage door to keep unwanted visitors away. This is also a safety precaution for your family members trying to enter in the garage in the dark.
A garage can be an easy “mud room” for your pets (especially with colder temperatures). Do not lock them in the garage without a way to enter the house or venture into the yard. Leave plenty of water out. A great way to give your pet access to the garage area is to install a doggy door, that way they may come and go as they please. If you do bring them in during the winter weather, be sure to set out blankets…but say no to space heaters!
Keep your garage clean and organized. Objects can cause someone to trip and fall if they are just cluttered around. Ladders need to be hung horizontally so a child will no try to climb it. Robes and wires need to be placed along the wall to avoid tangling. And when it rains, sweep up afterwards, the smooth concrete can create quite the ice rink.
A garage door is the heaviest and biggest machinery in your home. Watch for children, animals, and objects before you choose to close the garage. We suggest walking along the door line to insure nothing will be hit once the door comes down. Make sure your garage door has an automated system to stop the door when it reaches an unfamiliar object.
Fire hazards
Garages aren’t exempt from the rules of fire safety. With all the fertilizer, chemicals, paints, and gasoline, make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case. We suggest using a Class B/C fire extinguisher.

Enjoy your holiday season and stay safe! For all of your garage door needs, contact Overhead Door. We are always happy to help!

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