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Garage Maintenance

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, Apr 14, 2017 @ 05:26 PM

OHDPB.jpgMany people think that after installing a new garage door, there's nothing left to do. Like any investment, certain precautions can be taken to increase the lifespan of your doors. Our garage maintenance tips are easy to add to your home maintenance routine.


We live in an area with unusual weather patterns. Some days it's windy, some days it's rainy, most of the time it's dusty. It can fluctuate from one day to another. Dust and grim can accumulate on your garage doors, as well as the components. At least once annually, it's important to schedule a heavy duty cleaning.

  • Use a broom to remove any cobwebs or other debris.
  • Find a cleaner that can be used with the material of your garage door. It's not recommended to use the same kind of cleaner on wood doors as you would aluminum doors.
  • Be sure to use a water hose to clean off any chemical cleaner and excess dirt.
  • Sometimes, wiping down the door with a soft, clean cloth will work instead of using water or chemicals.
  • Wipe down keypads, the garage door "eyes," and the garage motor housing.


Take a look at all the components of your garage door, including springs, cables, brackets, and screws. It's important to make sure that all of the parts are in good working order. Look for rust, breakage, wear, and tears. If any of these pieces appear damaged, be sure to contact Overhead Door for a maintenance appointment.

Additionally, if you've noticed that the door is having problems opening or closing or that one portion is not closing completely, you may need to have your door balanced.


Another part of making sure your garage door is properly maintained is to lubricate the machinery. Like a little bit of elbow grease can scour a dirty pan, a little bit of actual grease can help make your garage door run better. Lubricating springs, chains, and other parts helps to:

  • make your garage door quieter and run more smoothly;
  • eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on your garage;
  • increase the life of your garage door and the components.

What To Do If You Need Help

That's simple! You just contact us! We're available to help with all of your garage door maintenance needs and repairs. Part of our job is to make sure that your garage door is running at its best.

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