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End of Summer Checklist: Garage

Posted by Bob weidner on Tue, Sep 22, 2020 @ 03:55 PM


As summer gives way to cooler temperatures, organizing your garage gets you ready for the chilly weather. Proper organization of your garage ensures neatness and saves you a lot of energy and time in the spring. Here are some essential organization tips:

1. Declutter Your Garage

Achieving and maintaining an organized garage requires regular decluttering. This helps to free up space and increases your garage functionality, not to mention how it helps eliminate tripping hazards from items such as rakes left on the floor. Thoroughly cleaning it after decluttering makes your garage look as new and gets it ready for all the fall demands.

2. Purchase Storage Bins or Add Garage Cabinets

These organization tools help you save space and keep similar items together as well as within reach. As cabinets come in different sizes and models, going for the best helps improve your garage's functionality and, more importantly, enhance the aesthetics of your garage space.

3. Utilize The Ceiling Space

High ceilings are also probable places where you can slide storage bins or racks. They are perfect for storing seasonal items that may not be needed for some months.

4. Maximize The Usage of Your Garage's Wall Space

When organizing your garage, it is imperative to keep the floor clear for ample parking of your vehicle.  Making use of the wall space helps to achieve this purpose. Mount more storage hardware on the walls to reorganize your garage in a more space-efficient way.

5. Add Garage Corner Shelves

Inasmuch as you might be having shelves in the obvious spots, corner shelves also provide ample storage. Corner shelves take advantage of the present studs, and they are cheap, easy, and fast to install. They are ideal for storing smaller items such as polishes, oils, waxes, and glues, which mostly get lost on bigger shelves.

Conclusively, having a neat and well-organized garage is quite achievable. Take your time, go through all your stuff, declutter and clean your garage, and then be guided by the above tips to put everything in order. Get in touch with us today at Overhead Door Company of Permian Basin™ and get a chance to enjoy more effective and smart garage organization solutions. 

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