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Successful Garage Sale Tips

Posted by Bob weidner on Thu, Aug 21, 2014 @ 01:32 PM

While the art of a yard sale may seem pretty straightforward, simple alterations in timing, pricing, and display can make the difference between a successful sale and a full-on flop. So in honor of National Garage Sale Day this month check out these garage sale tips:garage sale

Garage Sale Tip #1 Advertise Well

If you’re already using social media posting your goods and garage sale times a week in advance. Remember, if you’re selling larger tickets items such as furniture, listing then on Craig’s List is a better idea. Most people don’t go to garage sales with hundreds of dollars.

Garage Sale Tip #2 Place Large Items In Front

Just like meeting new people, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Place all your larger items in front to grab drivers attention.

Garage Sale Tip #3 Have A Free Pile

Don’t dismiss the allure of “Free” A free pile of things you may have donated, will get many people to stop.Be sure it’s well marked and can’t be mistaken for your real goods to sell.

Garage Sale Tip #4 The Power of Neighbors

To have a successful garage sale it’s important to have an item rich sale. Ask friends and neighbors if they have anything to add.

Garage Sale Tip #5 Price to Sell & Price-tag Everything

We all know having a garage sale is actually a last ditch effort to get rid of your junk in the hope someone will love it enough to buy it! Download our Garage Sale Pricing Guide for help you pricing your goods to sell.

Garage Sale Tip #6 Organized

If you don’t want your junk to look like just a bunch of junk, keep your space organized, clean & tidy.

Garage Sale Tip #7 Bags To Contain Sets

Use gallon-size or sandwich size zip-lox bags with multiple pieces together.

Garage Sale Tip #8 All Things Just Like The Others

The more you keep like items together the more you will sell.

To help make your garage sale a success, download our garage sale pricing guide!
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