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Protecting Your Home from Burglary

Posted by Bob weidner on Thu, Jul 17, 2014 @ 07:03 AM

With summer here consider these facts about home burglary:

• More than 40% of residential burglaries that happen every year are not forced entries. That means that a burglar was able to walk, climb or crawl inside of houses through a door, window or garage door that was left unlocked, open or had a flimsy lock. 

Preventing home burglary

• Most residential break-ins and burglaries happen in broad daylight -   between 9 AM and 3 PM.

• The number of home break-ins and burglaries increase significantly in the summer - especially in July and August.  During the hot summer months people are more likely to leave their windows open for ventilation; they also go on vacation  and don’t take necessary safety steps to keep their home safe while they’re gone.

Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to break into a home. Most burglars are more concerned about being seen than they are about getting into the house.  FBI studies show that almost every home has its weak points; and experienced thieves know how to find them and use them to gain access into your home.

With that in mind, we’ve created a tip list on protecting your home.

# 1. Make sure you have strong locks on your doors and windows - and use them faithfully (not only when you are away from the house, but also when you are at home).  

# 2. Don’t forget to lock the door that goes from your house to the garage, especially at night.

#3. Keep your house looking lived in.  Have one or 2 indoor lights on a timer that you use all the time at night.  Install motion-detecting outdoor floodlights at entrances, on decks and in the back yard.  Make sure hiding spots like clusters of trees, detached garages or garden sheds are well-lit.  

#4. Keep some curtains or blinds slightly open during the day - just enough to make it appear like someone is home.   Close your  curtains and blinds at night. Close and lock your windows, too, especially at night.

#5. Don’t leave your purse, wallet, credit cards out where people can see them through windows and doors Be careful about telling people that you have cash or valuables in your home, or that you just got a new TV, stereo, computer or laptop. Cash and electronic gadgets, along with tools, home furnishings, building supplies, bikes and jewelry are most often taken in home burglaries.    

#6. Cut the lawn and maintain the landscaping.  Trim the bushes all around your property to make your house more visible.  Keep shrubs in front of windows trimmed down so windows aren’t hidden from view. (Spiky low bushes like thorny barberry work well under main floor windows.) 

#7. Cut back tree branches near windows to prevent thieves from climbing the tree and using them to gain access to the house. 

#8. Don’t have large rocks or other heavy objects in your yard that would make it easier for a thief to gain entry into your house. Don’t store ladders outside. 

#9. Keep cars, tools, ladders, bikes and other equipment locked in the garage. Cover the windows in garage doors and entry doors so that thieves can’t see into the garage. Garages are a favorite target for thieves because they contain cars, bicycles and tools that are easy to fence. Also, garages are not likely to be occupied at night, so they make an easy target. Once thieves get into the garage, it's easy to get into other parts of the house.

#10. Don’t leave trash cans, papers, packages or flyers lying out for several days. Bring in your trash cans after the trash has been picked up.  Take in the mail and paper daily.  Keep your garage door closed.  If you don’t have a garage door opener, keep the garage door locked.

#11. Don’t hide extra keys under the door mat, under flower pots or in other conspicuous places outside your door.  It’s a much better idea not to hide a key outside at all, but leave an extra key with one or two neighbors you know and trust.

#12. Don't be predictable in your daily activities. If you always leave at the same time every day, are gone for about the same length of time, and return at the same time, thieves can easily memorize your routine and take advantage of the times you are not at home.

#13. If you will be gone for a few days, leave a locked car in you driveway to make it look like someone is home.  Make sure all keys, cameras, cell phones, valuable papers and the garage door opener are removed.

#14. If a stranger knocks on your door and asks to use your telephone, keep the door locked and offer to make the call for him or her yourself.  Don’t let them into the house to make the call.

#15. Don't have your name or anything beyond your house number on your mailbox or on the outside of your house 

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