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Lifestyle Screens

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Feb 09, 2017 @ 05:16 PM

Utilizing your garage is the best way to add additional space to your home. In fact, the garage is typically the largest "room" in a house. Get more out of this valuable space with a Lifestyle Screen! Let us tell you more.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 9.34.17 AM.png

What Is It?

Lifestyle Screens work with your existing garage door. It's a fully retractable garage screen door that allows for easy entry and exist without having to retract the entire system. Since the Lifestyle garage screen is spring loaded, opening and closing is quick and easy…in fact, it takes just seconds!

Why Choose Lifestyle Screens?

While there are a variety of garage screen products on the market, Lifestyle Screens are the one for you! The durability and functionality is simply unmatched; with a 2" by 2" architectural grade aluminum with a beautiful baked on finish. The track system is maintenance free and the system is counter-balanced, making raising and lowering nearly effortless. There's even an optional door-within-a-door feature that allows for easy entry and exit. Bottom line…Lifestyle Screens is the only garage screen for you!

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Lifestyle Screens are perfect for…

  • Home Gyms
  • TV/Movie Room
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Arts & Crafts Workshop
  • Play Area
  • Ultimate Man Cave
  • Pet Zone

…the possibilities are endless!

Contact Us!

With Lifestyle Screens, you can go from a hot, dark garage to a cool, bright, space in just seconds. When you're done enjoying the outdoors, simply retract your Lifestyle garage screen system and close your garage door as usual. It's as simple as that!

See the Installation Gallery or browse the Product Catalog

For more information on Lifestyle Screens, please contact us! We are happy to give you more information or schedule a design consultation!


How To Save Energy During Winter

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Feb 03, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

Yesterday, it was announced that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow...that means we're in for 6 more weeks of winter. Whether you like the cold weather or not, we can all agree that it's nice to save money on your energy bills. But it seems impossible when you have to keep the heat on, right? Not necessarily! Find out how to prepare your systems to save you money during the winter!Piglet-Piggy-Bank-Economical-Finance-Save-Ceramic-1595992.jpg


  • Upgrade your insulation – you should have at least 6-7 inches
  • Repair large holes in the attic
  • Seal exposed ductwork


  • Lower your thermostat settings during the night to save an average of 15% on your energy bill! (But don’t forget the blankets!)
  • Install foam insulation gaskets behind electric outlets and switch plate covers.
  • Consider purchasing a humidifier to achieve and maintain a consistent, warm temperature.
  • Check air furnace filters and replace if necessary.


  • If possible, avoid traditional fireplaces as it can suck the heated air out of your home.
  • Replace old/loose fireplace dampers and install a sheet-metal insert.
  • Close the fireplace damper and seal the opening shut when not in use.

Windows & Doors

  • Install DIY plastic film storm windows.
  • Seal off unused rooms
  • Close the doors and windows whenever possible.
  • Open south-facing windows and curtains, drapes, and blinds in the daylight
  • Check your window frames for cracks and your doors for leaks.
  • Repair any broken window panes.


  • If possible, avoid traditional fireplaces as it can suck the heated air out of your home.
  • Close the fireplace damper and seal the opening shut when not in use.
  • Replace old/loose fireplace dampers and install a sheet-metal insert.

Garage Doors

Your garage can be a tough place to be this time of year. Have you ever considered insulating your garage doors to keep the heat in and the cold out? Last week's blog tells you exactly how!

We hope you enjoy this last bit of winter! And remember, for all of your garage door needs, contact Overhead Door!

How To Remove Concrete Stains

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Jan 27, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

Of course, it's so nice to have a beautiful garage door and a squeaky clean and organized garage, but what about those nasty oil and grease stains you get on your concrete floors? They're inevitable and so frustrating! The key is to draw the stain out, as opposed to cleaning it off the surface. But how? Find out how to remove concrete stains below!Find out how to remove concrete stains!

Step One

First, you need to mix the solution to draw the stain out. Pour 1 oz. of trisodium phosphate (or TSP substitute) and a cup of water into a small bucket. Mix the TSP, water, and absorbent material (see note below) to make a paste.

Note: When choosing an absorbent material, you have several options. For smaller stains, use either talcum powered or baby powder. For larger stains, you'll need something bulkier, such as diatomaceous earth (a filtering agent for swimming pools).

Step Two

Next, you want to cover the entire stain with the solution. Spread approximately 1/2 in thick layer of the paste over the stain. Leave the paste on to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step Three

After leaving the paste to dry, scrape and brush off the residue and dump it in your trash.

Step Four

Now scrub the area with water using a nylon brush. Rinse off with a hose or bucket of water.

Step Five

Repeat! Compare the freshly cleaned area with the surrounding concrete. If the stain does not seem fully removed, repeat the process. Keep in mind that old stains may require two or three applications for complete removal…patience is key!

After you remove the concrete stain, you may want to paint your garage floors. Well, you're in luck! We've got a blog telling you how. To keep up with all our latest blog posts, like our page on Facebook!

Your Guide To Insulating Your Garage Door

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 11:45 AM

Insulating your garage door will make it more comfortable and less noisy…a perfect place for a man cave or even workout room! Especially this time of year, you may be hesitant to go out in your garage due to the chilly temperatures. Let us help with this step by step guide to insulating your garage door.Man_cave_motorcycles-1.jpg

(Before you begin the DIY project of insulating your garage doors, be aware of the fact that insulation adds weight to a garage door. Typically, this isn't a problem for 9-foot wide doors, but with larger doors, you risk straining the opening mechanism. If that's the case, it's best to call us first to adjust your spring tension.)

Step 1: Choose your insulation type. 

The most popular types of insulation for garage doors are batt (flexible, commonly made of fiberglass), foam board (rigid, usually made from polystyrene) and reflective (rigid, with a cardboard or polyethylene base). Any of these insulation types will increase the energy efficiency of your garage. 

Step 2: Match the insulation.

You want to match your garage door to an insulation that's easy to install and best suited for your climate. For steel garage doors, you can pretty much go with any type of insulation. Stuff the flexible insulation in the frames around the panels, or squeeze cut-to-fit foam board into the frames. For wood frame-and-panel doors, it is best to cut and fit a more rigid insulation option into the spaces between the frames of the door. (For even more climate control, consider installing 2 layers of foam board.) For flat garage doors, it is best to choose foam board or reflective insulation. Simply glue or tape the insulation directly onto the garage door.

Step 3: Optional insulation kits

The two steps above is all it takes! However, if you don't want to go to the effort of choosing, matching and cutting insulation, you can purchase an insulation kit. These kits typically include insulation, fasteners and utility knives. 

There you have it! A simple DIY to maintain the temperature of your garage and make it a little more livable. For other tips & tricks like these, be sure to follow us on Facebook!


The Model 470: Reliable, Durable and Thermally-Efficient

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Jan 13, 2017 @ 12:02 PM


insulated commercial sectional steel doorAre you a commercial or industrial business looking for a door that's insulated, durable and reliable? 

Today's your lucky day.

Model 470

We recenlty unveiled our newest garage door for commercial and industrial applications, the Model 470. This new door is not only reliable and durable, but also offers thermal efficiency. This insulated, sectional steel-backed door is solidly constructed for reliable thermal performance. The Model 470 complements a variety of applications, such as shipping facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. 

Available in five double-coated finishes, including white, almond, brown, sandstone and desert tan, the commercial garage door’s rugged construction provides durability and reliable performance with an R-value of 9.83. The tongue-and-groove joint profile combats air leakage between sections, allowing for superior thermal efficiency. 

Contact Us

We’re excited to add another durable and efficient door to our robust commercial portfolio for our valued distributors and customers. So if the Model 470 is the solution to your overhead door needs, contact us today! We'd be happy to give you a free estimate or tell you more!

2017 Resolutions…For Your Garage Door!

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 09:03 AM

Who says New Year's resolutions are limited to personal goals like exercising and eating right? At Overhead Door, we think it's the perfect time to set some goals for your garage door too! In fact, the 3 goals below will not only improve the overall look of your home, but can potentially save you money in maintenance and service! Read on!year-1760489_960_720.png


1. Regular Maintenance 

Make it a point to maintain your garage door regularly. Perform tasks such as checking your door’s safety reversal, testing the garage door opener, a visual check of the hardware, and ensuring the balance of your door. Additionally, it is important to lubricate all moving parts of your door to guarantee smooth operation. These tasks can bring your attention to any serious problems before they cause damage as well as increase the life of your door! 

2. Replace

Is it time to replace your garage door? The new year is a perfect time to do it! While this may seem like a large task, it's important to have a garage door that meets safety guidelines and functions properly. Plus, having it ready in time for spring and summer may help you better keep the heat out, and the cool in. Shop our selection of residential doors.


3. Refresh 

Can't do a replacement just yet? That's okay! Resolve to repair any cracks, clean it, give it a new paint job, or all of the above! Keeping your garage door fresh and clean will ensure that it looks just as nice as the rest of your house.
While many of these maintenance tasks can be done on your own, it is always a good idea to have your door checked by a professional. Should you need professional assistance, please contact us! Let us test the performance of your door and make any repairs necessary to be sure your door is ready to take on the new year!
Happy New Year from Overhead Door of the Permian Basin!

2017 Home Improvements

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Will 2017 be the year you quit putting off those home improvements? Before choosing which one(s) to tackle, it's important to know what will be most profitable...especially if you're considering selling your home any time soon! Take a look at this list of 5....don't worry, we saved the best for last!money-18554_960_720.jpg 

  1. Replacing a front door - Replacing the front door of your home can amok a big impact on resale value. Why? It's one of the first things people see when they come into your home! It's the "first impression maker," so to speak. A steel door has the most ROI, followed by a fiberglass door.
  1. Installing a new fireplace - There's nothing quite as cozy as a warm fireplace on a cold winter night. In fact, buyers rank fireplaces among the top 3 amenities they would like most in their homes!
  1. Kitchen remodel - Yep, you guessed this one. Did you know 7 out of 10 homeowners remodel the kitchen because it's dated? Kitchen remodels that are budgeted at 6-10% of the total home value are predicted to see the highest ROI.
  1. Replacing Siding - While a kitchen remodel may not surprise you, this one may. The siding or cladding on the exterior of your home should not be undervalued. Consider options such as vinyl, foam backed vinyl and fiber cement.
  1. New garage door - According to the "Remodeling Impact Report," a project that replaces an older, two-car, embossed steel door has a current cost of about $2,300. If you sell, you can expect a healthy ROI of 87% on your investment. Start shopping here!

Contact Us!

Hopefully, the 5 home renovations above help you determine which projects to take on in the upcoming year! For more infomation on transforming the look of your home with a new garage door, contact us today!




Our Newest Garage Door Collection

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Dec 08, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Are you a homeowner wanting to enhance the curb appeal of your home?

impression-steel-garage-door-collection-main-wide.jpgLook no further. Our industry-leading products include a new line of Impression Steel garage doors. These garage doors feature new aesthetics, such as tall section lights, large windows and a full-section embossment design.

The first garage door of our series to launch, Model 501, boasts vertical raised panels in a balanced display across the door section; this allows spacing for decorative hardware. With seven-foot door panels, standing three sections tall, this new door also allows for the selection of large windows.

Model 501 doors are also available with optional wind load to withstand a variety of wind conditions, and they meet local building codes. The new Impression Steel Collection™ of garage doors is the perfect mix of form and function. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but our doors are thermally efficient, as the Model 501 has a foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation, sandwiched between two layers of corrosion resistant steel.

Interested in envisioning what the Model 501 would look like on your home? Visit our online visualizer tool. This one-of-a-kind tool will give you the opportunity to "try on" the garage doors virtually. From there, contact us to request a free design consultation to get you started!

Commercial Door Operators & Accessories

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Dec 01, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.16.47 PM-1.pngCommercial door operators from Overhead Door provide an integrated door system that comes with our guarantee for reliable performance when you need it most — every day. Built with convenience in mind, our automatic door operators also make it safer and easier to perform daily job duties so you can improve efficiency and close the door on your competition.

Overhead Door’s automatic door operators are manufactured to meet the performance requirements of our commercial and industrial doors, offering precise control of your door system for years of trouble-free operation. To improve safety and enhance the lScreen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.16.59 PM.pngife of your door and motor, the industry’s guidelines for quality assurance recommend a single manufacturer for both door and operator. Overhead Door is the only manufacturer that offers a full line of commercial and industrial doors and operators specifically designed for integral applications. We offer the industry’s broadest line of electric, automatic door operators to suit new construction and retrofit applications, as well as unusual or special requirements. Overhead Door commercial operators are UL 325 2010 compliant. To see our selection of commercial door operators, click here.

In addition to our selection of commercial door operators, we also offer optional accessories to complete your door system. Overhead Door's operator accessories help enhance the operation of your facility as well as provide added safety and convenience. To see our inventory of accessories, click here.

How To Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Nov 11, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Having a Thanksgiving meal at your home can be a joyful time spent with loved ones…but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Let us help you avoid the stress this year and find out how to plan your Thanksgiving meal!


10 Days Before

  • Communicate with guests about who is bringing what and what time everyone should arrive.
  • Be sure you have enough serving dishes, flatware, glassware, tablecloths, napkins, tables and chairs to accommodate your guests.
  • Polish silver, if necessary. Wrap in tarnish-resistant silvercloth and set aside.
  • Plan and make decorations, place cards, and wreaths.

7 Days Before

  • Clean your refrigerator to make room for your Thanksgiving items.
  • Review your recipes and prepare a cooking schedule by day for the days ahead, and by the hour for the day of Thanksgiving (be sure to check the thawing time on your turkey!)
  • If necessary, prepare your guest room for any guests who will be staying with you.
  • Do any needed outdoor work like raking leaves, sweeping your porch, or cleaning the glass on your front door.

4 Days Before

  • Review recipes, determine what ingredients you’ll need, and make a list for the grocery store (it’s helpful to organize it by aisle/section of the store).
  • Match up recipes with serving dishes and serving pieces. Put sticky notes onto each bowl and platter according to which dish goes in each.
  • Do any major housecleaning and organizing.
  • Put up wreaths and nonperishable decorations.
  • Plan ahead for leftovers. Organize containers, bags, and wraps so guests can take home what they want.

2 Days Before

  • Chill beverages.
  • Buy flowers for the table, or put together your centerpiece.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Clean fruits and vegetables.
  • Fill salt and pepper shakers.
  • Complete light housecleaning.
  • If you plan to have a fire, lay a fire in the fireplace, ready to light later.

1 Day Before

  • Make all dishes (including sides) that can be prepared ahead. (Don’t forget the desserts and any chopping, peeling, or toasting that can be done ahead!)
  • Do spot cleaning of the rooms that will be used.
  • Set the table.

Day Of

  • Get out all serving pieces and condiment dishes. Set out on the serving table or buffet.
  • Fill condiment dishes with anything you may be serving (pickles, olives, cranberry sauce, etc.) Cover each dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
  • Assign specific family members or relatives to be in charge of various tasks  (tending the fire, answering the door, pouring drinks, hanging up coats, etc.)
  • Preheat oven.
  • Put turkey in oven and cook according to your recipe.
  • Prepare coffee, if necessary.
  • Set out refrigerated dishes including condiments, cranberries, and salads.
  • Heat bread or rolls as needed.
  • Light fire.
  • Pour drinks.
  • Carve turkey.

We hope the tips above help you to avoid any Thanksgiving meal-prep stress! For other tips & tricks like these, "like" us on Facebook!

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