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End of Summer Checklist: Garage

Posted by Bob weidner on Tue, Sep 22, 2020 @ 03:55 PM


As summer gives way to cooler temperatures, organizing your garage gets you ready for the chilly weather. Proper organization of your garage ensures neatness and saves you a lot of energy and time in the spring. Here are some essential organization tips:

1. Declutter Your Garage

Achieving and maintaining an organized garage requires regular decluttering. This helps to free up space and increases your garage functionality, not to mention how it helps eliminate tripping hazards from items such as rakes left on the floor. Thoroughly cleaning it after decluttering makes your garage look as new and gets it ready for all the fall demands.

2. Purchase Storage Bins or Add Garage Cabinets

These organization tools help you save space and keep similar items together as well as within reach. As cabinets come in different sizes and models, going for the best helps improve your garage's functionality and, more importantly, enhance the aesthetics of your garage space.

3. Utilize The Ceiling Space

High ceilings are also probable places where you can slide storage bins or racks. They are perfect for storing seasonal items that may not be needed for some months.

4. Maximize The Usage of Your Garage's Wall Space

When organizing your garage, it is imperative to keep the floor clear for ample parking of your vehicle.  Making use of the wall space helps to achieve this purpose. Mount more storage hardware on the walls to reorganize your garage in a more space-efficient way.

5. Add Garage Corner Shelves

Inasmuch as you might be having shelves in the obvious spots, corner shelves also provide ample storage. Corner shelves take advantage of the present studs, and they are cheap, easy, and fast to install. They are ideal for storing smaller items such as polishes, oils, waxes, and glues, which mostly get lost on bigger shelves.

Conclusively, having a neat and well-organized garage is quite achievable. Take your time, go through all your stuff, declutter and clean your garage, and then be guided by the above tips to put everything in order. Get in touch with us today at Overhead Door Company of Permian Basin™ and get a chance to enjoy more effective and smart garage organization solutions. 

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Ways to Insulate Your Garage Door

Posted by Bob weidner on Mon, Nov 11, 2019 @ 11:21 AM


Though West Texas has been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures for this time of year, it's never too early to start planning for winter. Your garage can end up as the source of a significant amount of cold air; if you aren't careful, can end up inside your home. Follow our tips on ways to insulate your garage to keep the cold where it should be - outside.

Insulate Your Garage and See Savings

Garage Doors

Metal doors absorb cold and heat easily. If you don't have an insulated garage door from Overhead Door, that doesn't mean you can't add insulation later. While not as durable or high quality as pre-insulated doors, you can purchase a kit with foam insulation from many major retailers. If you're using your garage as a workspace, insulating the door is worth the time and money. If it's time to replace your garage door, ask one of our friendly technicians about a genuine Overhead Door insulated product.

Entry Doors

Make sure that other doors coming off of your garage are well-insulated, especially  you've got an entry door into home. Consider switching out older doors that may not seal well after your house had settled. Opt for a steel or solid wood door without windows. If you can't spend the money on a new door, you can always drape plastic sheeting from inside your garage to prevent cold air from slipping into your home.

1109_OHDPB 2.jpegWindows

Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal off drafty windows. If there are air leaks, you could also be unintentionally creating an environment for water or insects to enter your garage, as well.


If you're currently building your home, consider adding insulation and sheet rock in your garage. Not only will it help keep it warmer in winter and cooler in summer, it can make your garage a much more pleasant workspace. If your home is older and you use it frequently as a shop, you might consider a renovation to add insulation for a more comfortable environment.


Along each door, including garage doors, it's important to add weatherstripping along the floors to block drafts from underneath the door. Measure your doors to find out what you need. Most hardware stores carry these supplies on-hand. However, worst case scenario, you can always purchase the items online. 

Not sure where to start with insulating your garage? Speak with an experienced member of the Overhead Door team today - we offer helpful, efficient service for your garage door needs.

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Fall Curb Appeal

Posted by Bob weidner on Tue, Oct 15, 2019 @ 02:31 PM

hello fall ohd

The way your home looks is highly important for both resale value, as well as a point of pride. According to Than Merrill with Fortune Builders, great curb appeal can increase the value of a home by as much as 20 percent! Fall is a wonderful time to spruce things up and give your home's exterior a little extra attention. With the changing colors of the leaves, fall is an absolutely beautiful season. Here are some suggestions for how you can make your house stand out as something truly special this fall without having to spend a lot of money. 

Keep Your Lawn Looking Sharp

This might just be the most important part of good fall curb appeal. The colorful leaves are beautiful when they are on the tree, but less beautiful when they are on the lawn. Keeping the lawn maintained with raked leaves allows the pop of color from the trees to stand out from the neutral color of the lawn. This is a good time to make sure bushes are trimmed and weeds are pulled. All of the landscaping should be manicured for a clean look before the winter months. 

Great Exterior Lighting

As it begins to get dark earlier, more people are likely to see your house in the evening. More exterior lighting is important to make sure there are no large areas of darkness. Patches of light are not a good idea either. Beth Rucker with HGTV writes about how adjustable lighting can allow for different effects that you may want in different seasons. Plan your lighting locations, including walkways for that extra pop to improve your curb appeal for the fall. 

Decorate the Front Porch

The front porch area needs to have a planned look that is warm and inviting. You may consider a wreath or door decoration specifically for fall to change things up for the season. When you plan a little extra on the porch area, it gives the house a more finished appearance. It also shows that you have put some effort into your care of the property. Be careful with seasonal decoration though because too much of a good thing can have a negative impact. 

Want to update your garage door while your at it? Contact Overhead Door of the Permian Basin™ today! 

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Questions to Ask About Your New Garage Door

Posted by Bob weidner on Mon, Jul 29, 2019 @ 10:17 AM

OHDPB_New Garage Door.png

Garage doors, though durable, will require replacement someday. When purchasing a new garage door, there are several things you should think about. Overhead Door of Permian Basin is sharing a list of questions to ask about your new garage door before you buy.

What Kind Of Material?

Overhead Door of Permian Basin offers its customers a wide variety of styles and materials. However, it's important to have a good idea of the type of garage door. Our options include wood, aluminum, glass, steel, vinyl, or fiberglass. Each of these materials is durable, but your needs are what will determine the best fit. Ask your Overhead Door technician about his or her recommendations.

Which Safety Features?

Part of Overhead Door's selection options includes several safety implementations. These include wind-load and fire-safe doors for your added protection. Wind-load doors provide added durability for wild West Texas wind storms. You should also make sure the new door works with the appropriate detector sensors to prevent injuries.

Any Extras?

carriagehouse-garage-door-306.jpgGone are the days of hand-pulled garage doors. Technology is a wonderful thing - for garage doors, too! Consider adding a wireless entry pad for your new garage door for easy entry. If you're big on using apps, consider finding a unit that is compatible with OHD Anywhere. Our easy to use app tracks when your door is opened, whether manually or with the opener. You're also able to open it remotely, no matter where you are.

Which Style?

The look of your garage door can vary, depending on your tastes. Carriage-style doors as a look of quaintness to your home, but work just like modern doors. You may be interested in a more traditional look with steel or aluminum accordion doors. For the modern minimalist, consider our glass and aluminum options for a sleek and sophisticated look.

What's Your Budget?

Overhead Door of Permian Basin offers a wide variety of doors to match your budget. Be sure to ask your designer to show you doors within your price range.

Are you ready to change the look of your home with new garage doors? We're happy to answer all of the above questions...and more!

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Garage Door Security Tips

Posted by Bob weidner on Mon, May 27, 2019 @ 10:16 AM


Your home is your castle. Think of your garage door as the drawbridge, as it's meant to protect your home and belongings. As part of your "castle's" safeguards, it's important to make sure that you're taking the proper precautions to ensure your home is safe. Read on for more on our garage door security tips.

Know The Risks

Though burglaries are possible year-round, they occur more frequently in the summer months and during vacations. Why? Because homeowners are out of town more often. Often, criminals pay attention to neighborhoods to see who is home and who isn't. That's why it's important to utilize your garage door as an added measure of security.

Many homeowners view their garage door as a "sneaky" way to enter their own homes in the case that they get locked out. However, most would-be thieves are well-versed in figuring that out.

Maintenance Is Critical

Don't skimp on maintenance. Broken springs, locks, and chains can give thieves easier access to your garage. Following our maintenance tips will help you to keep your garage in working order.

Hidden Devices

Do you park your vehicle outside of your garage? If so, it's important not to leave your garage door opener readily available. Think of it as leaving a house key in plain sight. A burglar can simply break into your car and open your garage - giving them free reign of your home.

If You Like It Then You Should Have Put A Lock On It

Though most doors are secure, some more resourceful thieves are able to use tools to unlock your garage door's locking mechanism. If you know you'll be out of town for an extended period, we encourage you to use your door's slide lock. This feature is similar to a deadbolt and is used to secure the door from inside. If your door doesn't have one (or it isnt' working properly), you can also use a padlock as well. If your slide bolt isn't working correctly, talk to the experts at Overhead Door to schedule a repair.

Light It Up

If you spend a considerable amount of time out of town, it would be a good idea to invest in some motion-sensor lights near your garage. Most burglaries occur with a break-in from the ground floor. Often, lights can deter would-be intruders. Additionally, make sure that your garage door opener has a working light. Not only is it convenient for you, it adds another level of security to your home.

Secure The Premise

Many homeowners opt to install alarm systems in their homes. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for policy holders who do. Additionally, Overhead Door offers OHD Anywhere, a sensor and mobile app combination that notifies you anytime your door opens or closes.

Window Treatments

If your garage door includes windows, it's a wise idea to frost them for added security. This prevents passersby from peeking into your garage and eyeballing your belongings. If you want to try this project yourself, here are four ways to do so.

Hold The Door

This one is the easiest and most reliable way to deter thieves. Simply keep your garage door shut. It not only keeps potential criminals from scoping out your home, but it keeps your garage's temperature maintained.

Do you need help with making sure your garage is a castle gate? Overhead Door can help. Contact us to schedule service today.

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The Benefits of Working With Overhead Door

Posted by Bob weidner on Tue, Apr 02, 2019 @ 03:02 PM

0928_OHDPB.pngWhen it comes to your residential and commercial garage doors, you have many companies to choose from. In a world full of reviews and social media posts, it can be hard to determine which company best fits your needs. That's why we're here to explain the benefits of working with Overhead Door - we want to make the decision simple for you!

Advantages of Working With Overhead Door 


Not sure what you're looking for in a garage door? That's no problem - Overhead Door provides a wide selection of options. Whether you're looking for traditional wooden doors, a no-fuss steel door, or an ultra-modern glass model, Overhead Door provides exactly what you need. Still don't see quite what you want? Overhead Door can help you customize a design based on your specifications. There's also a wide variety of commercial doors to meet your business's needs, as well.


Did you know that an Overhead Door product was used for Southern Living's 2017 Idea House? Talk about style! Many people don't realize that their garage doors can make a big statement about their home. It's a long-term way to add curb appeal and beauty to their property. It doesn't stop there, either - contemporary glass and aluminum commercial doors give your business a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic that draws the eye to your building.


Garage doors are an important line of defense for your home or business. Overhead Door's includes additional safety features to our garage doors to prevent theft and entry into your home or business. You can also beef up your security by adding the OHD Anywhere to your security measures. You can remotely open the garage and receive notifications of opening/closing doors, whether it's with a remote or manually.


Depending on your preferences, you might consider a wind-load residential door to protect your property from high wind conditions. Overhead Door's commercial line also provides fire-resistant and wind-load options to help you protect your company assets. Our team also sells safety eye replacements and other parts to make sure that your garage door is in proper working condition.


Overhead Door's technicians are skilled to help repair or replace your garage door. They're familiar with new installations and how to correct broken parts. Additionally, we offer emergency, night, and weekend service - we understand that garage door problems don't always occur during regular business hours.


Overhead Door is proud to be part of the Permian Basin. We strive to constantly improve our service and to make sure that our clients are happy. Customers who are treated with respect and courtesy are more apt to become lifelong patrons - and that's exactly what we strive to do.

Experience the Overhead Door difference for your next garage door repair or replacement. Contact us today.

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Four Signs Your Garage Door Needs Service

Posted by Bob weidner on Mon, Mar 11, 2019 @ 02:30 PM


Your garage door serves multiple purposes. Not only does it protect your vehicle and belongings, it service as a way to keep out the elements. Though garage doors are relatively durable, occasional service and maintenance is required. The experts at Overhead Door share four signs your garage door needs service, so read on for more!

Do You See Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairs?

There's a Disconnect Somewhere

Click...click...CLICK! No matter how much you mash the buttons, the door won't open or close. If it does, it moves slowly. Additionally, you might notice that the safety equipment at the bottom of your door isn't working properly. Electrical shorts or disconnects are a common problem with garage doors, so it's important to get them checked out as soon as possible.

Did That Always Look That Way?

pexels-photo-237974-1.jpegHave you noticed rusty parts on your garage door parts recently? Perhaps you've seen portions of your garage door getting a little saggy. Though it's sturdy and designed to last a while, your hardware does need replaced eventually. If you notice bolts, screws, or the tracks of your garage door looking a little worse for wear, it's time to schedule a service call with a professional.

There's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Watching your garage shimmy and shake like it's in a disco can be very disconcerting. While these symptoms indicate that your door is misaligned with the tracks, this isn't a problem you should ignore. As the door continues along its imbalanced path, it can wear more heavily on one side of the hardware. Be sure to set up an appointment to have your garage door serviced as soon as possible.

You Hear Odd Noises

Garage door should make minimal amounts of noise, especially newer models. Most often, noisy garage doors come from springs or tracks that just require a little grease to help them run smoother. Think of this lubricant as "cartilage" for your garage door and the parts; it acts as a buffer to keep the two rough pieces from rubbing each other raw.

Are you concerned that you need to have your garage door serviced? Overhead Door not only provides new door installations, we can help you with maintenance and repairs, too. Schedule a service call with us today!

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Types of Residential Garage Doors

Posted by Bob weidner on Sun, Dec 09, 2018 @ 11:30 AM

OHDPB_Types Res.png

When it's time to replace your garage door, choosing which kind can be difficult. Overhead Door offers a wide selection, but how do you know which one is right for you? We've made it easy with this quick reference guide to discuss the different types of residential garage doors.


Steel residential garage doors are one of the most common varieties. Not only are they durable and easy to maintain, they're very cost-effective. Overhead Door offers several models, including carriage house styles. Additionally, these doors come in various colors, so you don't have to repaint your house when the time comes to replace your garage door.


aluminum-garage-door-521.jpgAs an economical alternative to steel, you should consider an aluminum garage door. Aluminum's exterior finish is resilient and comes in all of the colors of the rainbow. Our modern designs combine glass panels on an aluminum frame to provide an aesthetic look that will make the neighbors jealous.


If you want a traditional look, wood doors are a great way to accomplish your goal. Genuine wooden garage doors are absolutely beautiful, though they are fairly high-maintenance. The doors arrive unprimed, which allows you to stain or paint them the color of your choosing. It's a lovely alternative to standard metal garage doors.


vinyl-garage-door-durafirm-MAIN-model.jpgIf you need an extremely durable garage door but don't want to sacrifice classic design, choose one of our vinyl options. The thick vinyl coating gives the appearance of painted wood, without all of the upkeep. Additionally, vinyl doors handle dents and scratches better than standard steels doors.


If you love the look of wood garage doors but don't like the maintenance, consider fiberglass doors. Fiberglass is extremely light and can withstand dents. Best of all, there's no rust or wood-eating insects to content with! These doors come in a variety of panel and window styles, so you're able to create a customized design.

Are you ready to revamp your existing residential garage doors? We want to help you! Schedule a design consultation to meet with one of Overhead Door's experience teams to help you choose.

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Garage Door Safety Tips

Posted by Bob weidner on Wed, Nov 07, 2018 @ 11:33 AM

Garage Door-2.png

Garages are one of the most safe and convenient ways to enter your home and protect your belongings. However, as with any household device, there are certain precautions to take to avoid injury. These garage door safety tips are simple to follow and easy to implement.

Easy To Follow Garage Safety Tips

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Whether you're getting your car's oil changed or replacing the string on your weed eater, you realize that maintenance is required on many household items. Garage doors are no different. Rusty springs, rickety railing, or lopsided doors can quickly turn into a hazard. In addition to new sales and emergency assistance, Overhead Door also offer repairs service to its customers. Schedule yours by clicking here.

Update Equipment

Sensors that detect objects near where the door closes can prevent many injuries each year. If your sensor is becoming unreliable, it may be time to change it out. Also, if you've noticed holes or jagged edges in your garage door, it could be time to consider updating your garage door entirely. Exposed metal can cut your skin. Additionally, any open "pockets" in your garage door can create hidey-holes for all sorts of creatures. Learn more about making your garage inhospitable to unwelcome guests.

Teach Garage Safety

pexels-photo-236164.jpegThere are almost 11,000 garage related injuries each year. Sadly, many of these can be prevented. Unsurprisingly, hand injuries are among the most common, followed by head injuries. It is especially important to teach children that the garage to stay clear of the doors as they are opening or closing. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for pets that may become trapped as the doors close. Also, leave the maintenance to the Overhead Door experts. Choosing a professional to work on your garage door can prevent injuries, as well.

Go High Tech

By choosing OHD Anywhere™, our trademarked digital app, you're taking safety into your own hands. With this convenient app, you're able to track the history of how often your garage door opens. You're also able to remotely open and close the door. This is really convenient for the times when you need to let a repair person into your home. Additionally, it alerts you if the door has been open, whether with the opener or manually. It's a great safety option from Overhead Door

Interested in setting up a estimate to make sure your garage is as safe as possible? Schedule your appointment with us today!

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Fall

Posted by Bob weidner on Wed, Oct 10, 2018 @ 11:38 AM

OHDPB_Fall Maintenance.png

It’s almost autumn! Cooler weather brings relief to West Texas after a long hot summer. However, it’s critical that you conduct these quick garage door maintenance tips for fall - they can help you avoid serious issues that could put a damper on your autumn weekends.

Grease Review 

Hot summer air dries out more than just the ground. If you notice your garage door isn’t opening and closing as smoothly as you would like, consider apply lubricant to the moving parts. Though grease can last a long time, it’s always good to run a quick check to confirm. Additionally, make sure there’s no lubricant where there shouldn’t be. Fall cleanings can be just as cathartic as spring cleanings!

Weatherstripping Replacement

Over time, the rubber or plastic weatherstripping along the bottom of your garage can rot away. Fall is the perfect time of year to replace it, because who wants water, dust, or autumn leaves in their garage? Additionally, it helps to regulate the temperature in your garage. 

Balance Inspection

Place a standard contractor’s level on your door when it is in the “up” position. If the bubble doesn’t balance, it means that your door is off-kilter. When your garage door is unbalanced, you increase the risk of it falling off the track. It also causes more wear and tear on your door than is necessary.

Seasonal Maintenance Check

Though you can conduct a significant amount of this maintenance yourself, have a professional conduct a seasonal check before cooler months begin. Weather can alter your door’s performance, especially if something is already a little off. Contact the professionals at Overhead Door to set up your appointment. We don’t just offer new door sales and emergency repairs – our preventative services can help save you time and headache.

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