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How To Prevent Garage Flooding

Posted by Bob weidner on Sun, Jul 16, 2017 @ 01:08 PM

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Though rain is a good thing in West Texas, our weather has a tendency to come in waves. We're known for torrential rains and flash flooding. Garages are usually a low point in most homes, so they are more likely to flood. Today, we're sharing some tips on how to prevent garage flooding so that you're covered.

Is Your Garage Properly Sealed?

Just like regular doors, garages require weatherstripping to keep out the elements. They work to prevent rain, snow, sleet, and other wet weather from seeping into your garage. Over time, weatherstripping can become worn or cracked. Additionally, the adhesive that connects the rubber to your flooring and door can begin to deteriorate. Our service professionals can help you to replace your weatherstripping and help to assess other minor repairs that can make a difference in your garage.

Do You Have Proper Drainage?

Garages, especially in older buildings may not be up to current building codes, may not be constructed to properly drain after heavy rains. Most newer construction will build properties at an incline. Flooding can be a significant issue if your garage is constructed in a decline. However, you can contact a building contractor to install a trench or French drain to help move water away from your garage. 

However, be cautious not to construct the drainage towards neighboring property, foundation, or near public constructions (such as sidewalks).

Is Your Foundation Solid?

Look for cracks in your foundation. Additionally, inspect the edges of your garage (towards the floor) to see if water in coming in from exterior edges. Sometimes, poorly drained flower beds on the edge of a garage can slowly cause leaks through drywall and other materials. Make sure that these damages are repaired to avoid garage flooding.

shrub.jpgHave You Installed Landscaping?

Though this may sound a little strange, adding shrubs, trees, and other vegetation can help to soak up excess water in the soil. These plants use more water than you might expect. However, use caution as to not add plants which will eventually grow large roots. The larger the root system, the more likely it is that they will eventually cause foundation cracks.

Have You Created A Barrier?

If you know that your garage floods and that rain is coming, we recommend installing preventative measures before the storm. Using sandbags and QuickDams can prevent water damage to your home and garages if used in time. Though they will not keep all of the water from penetrating through the barrier, they will reduce the amount that comes in.

Is It Time To Look For A New Garage Door?

Old garage doors can also be the source of leaks. If you need a new door, be sure to contact the professionals at Overhead Door. We provide free estimates and can help you to determine the right type of garage door for your home or business needs. 

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