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Garage Door Accents

Posted by Bob weidner on Wed, Jun 07, 2017 @ 12:43 PM

Your new garage door is already a work of art. However, there are many ways to make it look even better! Try these garage door accents to enhance the appearance of your garage doors.

garage-door-hardware-accents.pngFocus On The Fixtures

Just like changing out the knobs on your kitchen cabinets, adding new hinges and door pulls on your garage door can make a significant difference. Choosing classic black or opting for sophisticated brushed metals can add a WOW! factor you might not have anticipated. This fixture changes can also make a freshly painted garage door pop. Choose complimenting colors to create an updated look.

Patio-Style With Pergola

garage-door-with-pergola.jpgPergola, a popular addition to many backyards and patios, is a great way to create another look for your garage doors. By building a "floating" pergola, you're able to create a nice aesthetic to draw the eye to. Also, you can add greenery, such as ivy or bougainvillea, to give it less of a Southwestern look and more the style of a lush English garden. 

Get Sophisticated With Stone

Natural stone accents are one of the "fancier" ways to liven up the look of your garage doors. Whether you have other stone accents throughout your home's exterior or not, these "mini pillars" can definitely ad a look of sophistication and class. Stone comes in a variety of styles and colors. Instead of choosing a single shade, consider choosing a palette of colors that compliment your home's exterior paint. Additionally, choosing neutral colors will be beneficial should you choose to change your exterior paint colors at a later time.

garage-door-accent-lighting-above.pngLight It Up

Lighting can make a BIG difference in how your home's garage doors appear. Whether you opt for classically appealing lantern style LEDs, sophisticated gas lamps, or modern solar lights, updating your light fixtures can add just the right amount of appeal to make your garage doors, well, glow. A browse around your local hardware store can give you lots of options from which to choose. Our only recommendations - be sure to find eco-friendly bulbs!

Go Green

Literally. If you've got a green thumb, consider adding crawling ivy over the edge of your door frame. Instead of using wood or metal, you can add these beautifully and eco-friendly plants to enhance your garage doors. However, a word of caution - most vines require frequent pruning, so they don't take over. This is especially important for houses with close roof lines or siding. Vines can cause damage if they aren't properly maintained.garage-door-with-arbor.png

Love these ideas but don't like the look of your existing garage doors? Contact the professionals at Overhead Door! We can make your designs a reality. Give us a call today!


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