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Install Wind Load Doors For Added Weather Safety

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, Mar 31, 2017 @ 09:11 AM

spring-storm.jpegAhhh, spring in Texas! That means bluebonnets, vegetable gardens, warm temperatures...and hazardous weather. As a business and/or homeowners, it's important to install wind load doors for added weather safety during times of inhospitable conditions. We're here to tell you why it's important to protect your investment with the right overhead door.

There's Science Involved

Garage doors take upan estimated 30% of your home's surface space. When high winds or other weather hit those doors directly, the pressure can cause old doors to buckle, come off the track, or, in severe cases, completely collapse. The combination of surface area plus pressure plus the structural instability can lead to door damage in volatile weather situations.

Protect Your Investment

windload-thermacore-resi-MAIN-wide-1.jpgShould a garage door fail during high winds and poor weather, there is an increase chance of damage to your home or commercial property. Not only to garage doors provide security measures in keeping trespassers and nearby animals and bugs out, they prevent weather conditions from causing damage to your property. If your doors are damaged or collapsed, there is no barrier preventing life-threatening winds from entering your property. Blown out doors and windows and damage to the walls are roof are just a few of the problems a collapsed garage door can cause.

The removal of the protective barrier also allows debris, such as siding, rocks, and metal, into your home or office. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, "the biggest threat to living creatures (including humans) from tornadoes is from flying debris and from being tossed about in the wind." 

What You Can Do

If your garage door has seen better days or you're concerned it being able to handle the high winds we have experienced lately, please contact Overhead Door for a complimentary estimate. We offer both residential and commercial wind load doors for added weather safety.

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Garage Organization Tips

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, Mar 17, 2017 @ 05:51 PM

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean up your garage. After fall and winter, you garage can be a little gross and disorganized. We’re here to share some of our favorite garage organization tips to help get your spring into full swing!

Divide And Conquer

clean-garage-1.jpgThink of organizing your garage as being like moving your house…you have to sort it all out. Create three separate piles for your belongings as you start sorting: keep, donate, and trash. Donated items such as landscaping tools and equipment, gently used lawn furniture, or tools can be gifted to local charities, such as Habitat for Humanity. Anything broken or too old for use needs to be thrown away.

A rule of thumb for keeping things: if you haven’t used it for over a year, you probably need to donate or trash said item.

Scrub It Up

Once all of the items have been sorted, remove them from your garage. It’s time to give it a good spring cleaning! Sweep up visible debris (or cheat a little and use an air compressor to blow it out). If you’re feeling particularly industrious, you can follow these tips on degreasing your floor. That step is dependent on your time availability. 

Get Stacking

messy-garage.jpgDid you know that the majority of people don’t even park their cars in their garages? For many people, garages are simply another place to store belongings. If you’re one of the many, make the best use of your space by choosing to install vertical shelves and hooks to maximize floor space.

Additionally, plastic totes are a great storage option, too. You can label the totes with what they are: “holiday décor,” “books,” or whatever you choose! Plastic totes are also more resistant to the elements than cardboard boxes, too.

Make your overhead door look as good as the inside of your garage after using these garage organizational tips. Get a free design consultation today!

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Increase Curb Appeal With A New Garage Door

Posted by Bob weidner on Fri, Mar 10, 2017 @ 12:56 PM

Spring is a great time of year to consider home improvement projects. If you’re looking for a smart investment, consider replacing your garage door. You can easily increase curb appeal with a new garage door.

According to a recent national report, “Garage door replacements have again been named one of the top returns on investment among all home improvements nationwide, according to the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report produced by Remodeling magazine publisher Hanley Wood and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).”


Don’t Skip Out On Curb Appeal

It’s important to make a great first impression. The same can be said for your home. Curb appeal projects can generate higher returns on investment than simply remodeling your home’s interior.  Projects such as replacing your garage door, windows, and siding are particularly good choices for ROI.

 Trivia time: Did you know that most garage doors take up approximately 30% of your home’s exterior surface space. Upgrading your garage door not only boosts the security of your home, it improves the look of your residence.

“With the housing market as competitive as it is, making a great first impression to buyers by updating an outdated garage door is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to boost resale value,” said Heather Meiner, Brand Manager for Overhead Door. 

Replace Or Remodel

garage-doors.jpgThere are two different types of home improvement projects that you can do for your home. This year’s Cost vs. Value Report addresses replacing an item or remodeling a room in your house. Remodeling projects require more involvement. Additionally, these projects usually take significantly more time and money to complete.  

However, if you’re looking to score a higher return on investment, consider installing a new garage door. Instead of completing remodeling projects, replacing these doors provides an updated look for a fraction of the cost of a remodel. Additionally, new garage doors can be installed within a couple of hours by a professional.

National Averages For Return On Investment 

When identifying home improvement projects, it’s important to identify which ones make your property look amazing and provide value. 

Nationally, homeowners can expect up to an 85 percent return on investment for their garage door replacements on average. In select markets, that number can increase to up to 115 percent.” 

We Can Help

Need help finding the right door? Our design consultation can make that happen easily. We’re here to provide fast, helpful service to make your garage door curb appeal projects possible. Contact us today!

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