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Introducing The Overhead Door LED Light Bulb

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

LED-light-bulb-OHD-large-1.jpgYou have probably heard of the efficiency and cost savings that LED light bulbs can provide. But have you ever considered them for your garage door? Overhead Door Company has just introduced our first ever LED light bulb – specifically made for garage door openers. Learn more below!

Limiting Operational Interference

Most LED light bulbs interfere with garage door openers, limiting the range of the opener’s remote controls. However, our new LED light bulb has a unique design that shields the transmission of its energy waves from the radio frequency that goes between the remote and the opener. This means that our LED bulb is radio frequency friendly, allowing customers to open their garage door without experiencing operational issues. 

“Traditional LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular for use in garages, but many of them can unexpectedly cause the opener’s remote control to have decreased operating range” said Heather Meiner, brand manager for Overhead Door Corporation. “We’re thrilled to introduce our LED bulb because it will help ensure your opener and remote perform at their best, no matter what brand of garage door opener you have.” 

Handles Tough Conditions In The Garage

Our LED light bulb is also designed and manufactured to handle the tough conditions garage doors often experience. It is shatter and vibration resistant, and is able to withstand 5G of shaking force, which is far more than the normal vibration from a garage door system. 

Additionally, a garage is often cold and damp, which can affect how long a light bulb lasts. However, our LED light bulb is made to withstand up to -30°C (-22°F), as well as many damp areas throughout a garage. 

Long Lasting Lighting And More Energy Savings

Finally, our LED light bulb provides optimal lighting at a low cost. While it has 800 lumens of brightness, our light bulb only uses 10 watts of power. Depending on local utility rates, that means that the annual cost can be as little as $1.07 per year and the lifespan can be about 25,000 hours for normal use.

To find out more information on the LED light bulb made exclusively for Overhead Door, feel free to contact us! We'd be happy to tell you more! 

Painting Your Garage Floor

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Aug 19, 2016 @ 11:34 AM

Summer is winding down and the kids will be back to school soon. Looking for a simple home project? Painting your garage floor can not only add living space to your home, but it can also protect your garage floor from oil and fluid drops. But what type of paint should you use and why? Let us help!


Masonry Paint – This type of paint is thicker than other types of paint and won't crack or peel, making it perfect for concrete garage floors.

Latex Paint – Like masonry paint, latex paint won't crack or peel. However, plain old latex paint is not built to withstand the wear and tear your garage floor experiences. If you choose latex, make sure you find a paint specifically for floors or you will have to repaint it often.

Epoxy – Epoxy is a great choice if you're looking to change the look of your garage floor. There are lots of different finishes available that will completely transform the look of your concrete. Application is a little more complex than just painting it, but the finish is durable and shouldn’t need to be reapplied. 

Concrete Stain – Concrete stain is long lasting and durable. It is easy to apply, and can last for years. The floor will still feel like concrete, but stain may not cover up oil and fluid stains.

So, decide what your objective is when painting your garage floor, and make a decision on what type of paint to use based off that! For more information on exactly how to paint your garage floors, we've got a blog on that, too! Check it out here!

For all your garage door needs, remember Overhead Door Company. We'd be honored to show you the difference in service we provide!

Summertime Garage Cleanout

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Wed, Aug 10, 2016 @ 05:38 PM

Pretty soon, the hot sun will be setting on summer...how did your garage make it through the season? 

For most families, the garage is the "set it and forget it" space, so chances are, your garage might be kind of a mess. Considering a summertime garage cleanout but not sure where to start? You've come to the right place! Check out our tips below!

Garage Cleanout Tips



Get rid of junk-We know, this is the hardest part. Create 3 piles: keep, donate, and throw away. Only keep the items that you have used within the past year. If you have not used the item in the past year, more than likely you won't use it again. Donate items that you don't use, but are still in good condition. If items are broken and beyond repair, trash them! Now, let's sort those items that you're keeping...

Utilize wall space-Any hardware or storage supply store will carry specific racks meant for certain "toys" (i.e. bikes, scooters, skateboards, golf clubs) that can be hung on your garage wall. This gets those toys off the floor and out of your way!

Bins & buckets-Invest in several clear bins to store all that summer fun. Some of those summer toys, however, won't fit in a bin. If that's the case, purchase a plastic bucket with rope handles. This stores the item and makes it easy to find, too!

Tip: Consider color coding your bins/buckets according to season (green for spring, yellow for summer, orange for fall, blue for winter) to easily organize toys, equipment, decorations, etc.

Garage sale-Now is a great time to do an "end of summer" garage sale. If you need some tips, we've got ya covered! Take a look at our Garage Sale Tips.

Decor-Keep in mind as you put those summer toys away that you will soon be getting out Fall/Winter holiday decorations (yep, that will be here before we know it, too)! You may want to bring those decorations towards the front of you attic or storage space to keep you from having to search and drag them around.

Your Guide To Garage Door Revamp

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Aug 04, 2016 @ 09:30 AM

You garage doors can add a lot to the look of your home, especially if you have a front facing garage. Replacing your garage doors can greatly increase the value of your home. Check out our tips for revamping your garage door!


First, it's of utmost importance that you hire a professional to replace your garage doors. Due to the precision and expertise required, it's critical that you find a garage door professional who will get the job done right!

Next, consider what type of material you'll choose for your garage door:

Wood - this option offers the widest range of design options and works well in all climates.

Fiberglass - Both fiberglass and vinyl are affordable options that will not rust, but also offer limited design options. 

Steel - While steel is typically less expensive than wood, it has the potential to rust.

Aluminum - Aluminum does not rust, but does cost more than steel.

after.jpgAfter you decide on the material of your next garage door, next you should choose the type of door:

Sliding - Sliding doors slide open to the side, such as a barn door. They require a wider garage wall to accommodate the door when open. 

Sectional - This is the most common type of garage door, sliding up and down on tracks.

Swing-out - These doors are typically one door and swing outward.

One of the final decisions you should make when choosing your next door is style and details. Check out the ideas below!

Spanish colonial - Wood door with iron hinges.

Traditional - Arched garage door with paned windows.

Farmhouse - Simplistic rustic barn-style garage door.

Craftsman - Wooden garage door with rectilinear windows & trim.

Modern - Sleek glass-paned garage door.

After making some basic decisions for revamping your garage door, be sure to contact us for a complimentary design consultation! We'd be happy to help you. For nearly 90 years, the Overhead Door brand has stood for product quality and expertise, as well as professional service. We'd be happy to show you the difference we provide!

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