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Commercial Garage Doors At Overhead Door

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

Did you know that The Overhead Door Company does more than just residential doors? That's right, we can take care of your business, too! Find out more about our commercial garage doors.

We know that your commercial garage doors can take a beating. That’s why we build quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business. Our company boasts a complete selection of performance- and safety-tested commercial and industrial overhead doors, including rolling-steel garage doors. We manufacture a wide array of styles to meet your business needs, from insulated and non-insulated doors for internal and external applications to high-performance, sectional-steel and fire-rated doors. Engineered for excellence and backed by a dedicated nationwide network of Red Ribbon Distributors, Overhead Door’s commercial and industrial doors are the premier choice for durability, serviceability and hassle-free performance.

Have a look at some of our favorite commercial garage doors below, but to browse our entire selection, click here!

High Speed Fabric Doors

Interior and exterior high speed fabric doors that provide the utmost in efficiency, reliability and return on investment.


Sectional Steel Doors

Comprehensive line of sectional steel and insulated steel doors.


Thermacore Doors

An ideal choice for applications that demand the highlest levels of thermal efficiency, air filtration and wind load resistance.


High Speed Rubber Doors

Exterior high speed rubber doors that provide rugged construction and durability for extreme environments.


If you would like more information about our commercial garage doors or if you're ready to request a free estimate, we'd be happy to help. Contact us here or give us a call!


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The Durafirm Collection® At Overhead Door

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Thu, Apr 21, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Are you looking for a new garage door? One from The Durafirm Collection® might be right for your home! Learn more about the collection below.Screen_Shot_2016-04-20_at_4.17.49_PM.png

These vinyl garage doors provide exceptional thermal efficiency and protection from exterior noise, as well as from dents and rust. With their rugged, thick vinyl skin, the Durafirm Collection® doors are the ideal escape from wood door maintenance. A wide range of options and colors are available on this garage door, providing a maintenance-free finish that looks great, year after year.


The Durafirm Collection® garage doors provide you with incredible strength, impressive sound absorption and energy efficiency with a R-value of 11.75 and come in 4 color options:

  • Glacier white
  • Cape cod gray
  • Monterrey sand
  • Adobe cream

Our WindStorm™ wind load rated system is available on selected products to meet regulations for a variety of wind speeds, ensuring your door is built to withstand varying wind conditions, including hurricane-force winds, and meet the most stringent local building codes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Screen_Shot_2016-04-20_at_4.22.09_PM.pngIf you'd like to know more about The Durafirm Collection®, please contact us here! We'd be happy to give you a free estimate or help you with a design consultation!

How To Cut Cooling Costs

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Apr 15, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

Spring is here and West Texas is already feeling the heat! These temperatures may have you wondering how you can cut cooling costs and save money this season. Follow these steps (and build the habits) to cut cooling costs once and for all.


Cut Cooling Costs With These Tips:

  1. When you aren’t at home or when everyone is asleep at night, increase the temperature of your air conditioner’s thermostat more than you would when everyone is at home. Keeping your home at a comfortable 78 degrees and increasing it at night (and when you’re away) can save 5-15% on your air conditioner bills, according to the Department of Energy.
  2. Don't forget to regularly replace your AC filter. Keeping your air filter clean allows for good air movement through your home. 
  3. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could boost your AC’s efficiency by up to 10% by planting trees or shrubs that will shade your outdoor air conditioner unit.
  4. Avoid using the oven and stovetop during the day (the best time to use them is at night). The heat from these appliances increases the heat in your home. During and after cooking, be sure to turn on the exhaust fans. The same rule goes for taking a hot shower. To decrease the heat put off from the shower, turn on your bathroom fan.
  5. According to the Department of Energy, if you replace your old air conditioner with a new unit, you can cut your cooling costs by up to half (depending on the age of your old unit). When shopping, look for a high-energy-efficiency ratio or EER (or Energy Star). A higher ratio means higher efficiency.
  6. Set your AC fan on “high,” except for humid days, where your fan should be set on “low.”

There you have it! 6 easy steps that can cut your cooling costs. At Overhead Door, we are here to help with all kinds of helpful tips for your home!  to stay up-to-date on all the latest tips & tricks!

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Must-Have Gardening Tools

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Wed, Apr 06, 2016 @ 02:12 PM

Chances are, you've been in your garden this season…wondering how to make it a bit easier? Check out these must-have gardening tools!

  1. Android Gardener’s Handbook App- This app let's you know what is going on in your garden 24/7. This app is chaulk full of ideas, tips, and information a gardener needs to know!

  2. Plant Flower Power Monitor- This awesome monitor tells you everything your plan needs. From temperature to moisture level, this wireless technology sends the information to your phone so you always know how your plant is feeling.15127455163_a1d6fe95d3_b.jpg

  3. The Green Cam- This gadget is used to watch your plants grow sky high. Taking a photo every day so you can see how far your plants have come.

  4. Bosh Isao- This tool allows you to trim your hedges for hours. This lightweight and versatile tools lets you get into all the nooks and crannies. With a strong battery power, there are no worries about stopping work early!

  5. GARDEN plan Po- This app allows you to plan out everything and where it is going to go before you lift a finger. See where the shade will be located within your yard as well as sunlight. Get ahead with this app!

Hoping these tools make your gardening just a bit easier! Happy spring!

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