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Selecting The Right Garage Door Size

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 12:16 PM

When it comes to selecting your garage door, the appearance is a very wide range topic. There is the type of material, color, shape, and size. Selecting the right garage door size can be very frustrating when you do not have all the facts. There are 4 different sizes to choose from and we are sure that one is the perfect fit for you.

Single Garage Door

When it comes to your standard home, single garage doors are the perfect size for you. They can accommodate vans, cars, and standard SUV’s, cars, and small trucks. If you own a bigger truck or SUV, you should consider getting a larger overhead door. When selecting the right garage door size you will need to consider the dimensions, which for the single garage door is 10 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 8 x 7 feet all around.  When making this selection, it is very important to keep in mind what you will be using your garage for. If you own a bigger truck or SUV, you should consider getting a larger overhead door such as the double garage door.

Double Garage Doors

The double garage doors are for homeowners with multiple vehicles, or ones that need more space for their garage usage. The double doors can hold bigger vehicles and can also be used for things such a storage space. When selecting the right garage door size, you should keep in mind the length of your vehicle and know the dimensions for the double garage door which is 16 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet and 12 x 7 feet. If you are thinking about RV or boat storage, then you should consider the RV garage door sizes.


RV Garage Doors

The standard RV garage door size has a width of 16 feet by 8 feet tall and the ceiling height of 9 feet. These are significantly different from your normal single/double garage door sizes. If you are a building a new space for your home or business, then just like the others, you will need to take into consideration what you will be using your garage space for. Will you be storing just the RV? Or, will you need to store other things as well?

Commercial Garage Doors

Last, but certainly not least, there are the commercial garage doors. The standard size of a commercial garage doors usually have a width of 32 feet x 2 inches and a height of 24 feet x 1 inch, but this depends on what is going in the garage. Your business trucks have to be able to fit into them and your other business supplies as well.


Selecting the right garage door size does not have to be a hassle. Contact your local Overhead Door today for a free estimate to get you started. 

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Tips On Keeping Your Garage Cooler In The Summer Heat

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 10:49 AM

Having a hot garage is not cool! During the summer we all love to be outside enjoying our families, but when you need to get some shade, or maybe just play around in your garage, you get so hot! There is not much you can do about the heat this summer, but there are ways to keep the garage cooler so you can enjoy the summer. Here are some helpful tips to keep your garage cooler in the summer heat!


Insulating the ceiling, including the garage, can make any room cooler. Simply install the insulation with staples (paper side down) or, you can choose to keep the insulation in place with netting made for that purpose (staples are also used to fasten the netting.) Another great option could be wall insulation. It does not have to be covered, but we recommend that you do. Wallboards or panels can be used to cover the insulation to keeps pets, kids, and yourself safe. Have you ever thought of insulating the overhead door? Well, you can! For an uninsulated metal door, add a two-inch thick layer of rigid insulation. Attach it to the inside of each panel with contact cement.



Something as simple as opening your overhead door just a foot off the ground can keep your garage cooler in the summer heat. You could also consider putting a fan in the garage. For those that want a permanent inexpensive fix to your heat problem, you can place a stationary vent in the roof to create an exit point for the hot air in the attic. You can also install an exhaust fan. The exhaust fan will take in the cool air which cools down the attic, and in return cools down the garage.

These are all do-it-yourself tips, but when you need more help, give us a call! We are the most recognized and respected brand in garage door industry. 

I’m Going On Vacation: Is My Home Protected?

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, May 12, 2015 @ 02:48 PM

Summer is coming and what family doesn’t want to take a trip somewhere? Well, like so many others, you want your home to be in the same condition as when you left it. Break-ins are a very common crime these days, sad to say, but there are ways to protect your home while you are away. So instead of wondering, “Is my home protected?” you can enjoy your vacation! Here are some helpful tips for garage security.


Who Has My Keypad Code?

First off, you should never give your code out to anyone that you do not trust. If your house is being built and the contractor has the code to your garage, he may give it to another one of his employees. Now there are 2 people (you have no idea who they are, where they live, or what they do outside of work) who have access to your home. Not that those people are not good people, you just wouldn’t want to trust your most precious things in life with JUST anyone. One helpful tip from us is to change your code as soon as you move into your home!  (Find out how to change your code by clicking the link at the bottom.)

Change Your Code.

Another helpful tip that goes along with your code is changing your code every 6 months. This not only protects your home from burglaries, but it can also keep anyone who has your code (and don’t want in your home) OUT. Some situations come up where that is they only option that you have… to give someone your garage code. But, it is a safety precaution to change your code every 6 months.

Bring Your Opener Inside!

Something else to consider would be taking your garage door opener inside! If the vehicle that you leave at home while you are on your vacation has your garage door opener on your visor, take it inside. If you have someone trying to break into your car, they might be smart enough to see your opener and then have access to your home. You can never be too safe when it comes to your home. Following these easy steps can keep you and your family protected.

Click here for the steps you can take to change your code. You always want your home to be your safe place, make sure it stays that way!

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Residential Garage Selection: 3 Topics To Help You Choose

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, May 05, 2015 @ 12:32 PM

Residential Garage Selection

When it comes to choosing a garage door for your home, one might think that it can be as simple as 1, 2, 3, but that is not always the case. At Overhead Door, we want to make choosing your residential garage door selection as easy as possible. Here are some pointers for a better understanding of what selections you have (pricing, basic material, and styles).

Stock Doors

Stock doors are some of your basic doors. No matter the material you choose, a basic garage door comes without significant panel design and without glass. If you choose to make upgrades, your cost, of course, will go up from there. Stock doors generally cost around $575, without installation fees and are very common in residential garage selections, but everyone wants to have their own little “touch” on their home. If you are one of those, then semi-custom doors or custom doors are for you.


Semi-Custom Doors

Semi-custom doors are one step up from your stock doors, but instead of having your basic door you can have panel styles, glass inserts, and designs of your own. Homeowners select from a kit of styles to create the door that best suits their home. These types of doors offer more options such as more wood selections, panel designs, and different glass inserts or designer-look glass options. Semi-custom wood doors usually range from $1,500 to $3,000, not including installation or primer. Steel doors always come primed and with a baked-on finish suitable for painting.  Prices for mid-range steel doors run from around $400 to $1,200 not including installation. If you still want more, then your next step would be to look into custom doors.


Custom Doors

Custom doors come with custom colors, finishes, panel designs, grooved panel faces, insulation, and top-quality materials, up to architectural design. We like to refer to this level of wood as the, “carriage house selection,” because it is such a high quality of wood. It holds up longer (some up to five years) and is intended to enhance the design quality of the home. If you are one that knows exactly what you would like for your garage door design, then it can be drawn architecturally and submitted to the company. Two-car garage steel doors in this range typically cost anywhere from $595 to $1,500, not including installation. If you are looking for the more customized door, then you are looking at $3000 apiece.


Whatever your residential garage door needs, Overhead Door can help! Browse our selection of residential doors and request a FREE design consultation to find out what door is best for your 

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