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5 New Gardening Products You Should Be Using

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Mon, Dec 22, 2014 @ 09:00 AM


  1. Android Gardener’s Handbook App- letting Yu know what is going on in your garden 24/7. This app is caulk full of ideas, tips, and information you as a gardener need to know.

  2. Plant Flower Power Monitor- this awesome monitor tells you everything your plan needs. From temperature to moisture level this wireless technology sends the information to your phone so you always know how your plant is feeling.

  3. The Green Cam- this gadget is used to watch your plants grow sky high. Taking a photo every day you can see how far your plants have come.

  4. Bosh Isao- allows you to trim your hedges for hours. This lightweight and versatile tools lets you get into all the nooks and crannies needed. With a long batteries there are no worries about stopping work early.

  5. GARDEN plan - this app allows you to plan out everything and where it is going to go before to lift a finger. See where the shade will be located within your yard as well as sunlight. Get ahead with this app.

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Make Somethong Special Out of Yor Garage

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Mon, Dec 15, 2014 @ 10:29 AM



Sometimes your home can become a little cramped. With a growing family or extra guests there is never enough room for everyone. So why not use that garage as yours for extra space? Genius.

Storage. Your garage is a great space to store everything from holiday decorations to gardening supplies. But with storing all your home goods in one place it can become a little crowded. Take the time to organize your garage. The walls and ceiling are a great place to add hooks and nails to hang and store off the ground. Clear out all your closets and transfer them to the garage. Placing them in their own bins will keep it all in line. By doing so you are giving your guests a perfectly clean closet to stash their travel bags.

Extra room. The garage can be a great place to have a dinner party or dance party when the weather is nice. By organizing your garage supplies and pulling out the cars, your garage can now become an extra room. Cover your storage areas with room dividers or curtains for a cleaner look. Add a long decorated table with chairs and hang a makeshift chandelier and you are good to go.

Gym. Set up an area in your garage for a gym! By placing a mat and some old rungs along the ground, you have a good start. Add that never used gym equipment you got for Christmas and a few weights and you are good to go. Open the garage door, add a fan and some music.

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Motion Sensor to Detect Bad Santa's

Posted by Matt Weidner on Sat, Dec 13, 2014 @ 03:17 PM



As you probably know it is important to have motion sensors installed around your home for security reasons. One of the best places to install a motion sensor is your garage. Burglars find the garage as one of the easiest point of entry into your home.

By using a motion sensor you can protect your home from any naughty Santa’s wanting to sneak away with your gifts this season. Here’s some pointers:

Make sure to install the motion sensor correctly. The light should turn on as soon as it detects movement. This range of light should reflect yards from the entry of your home. If you need a professional opinion give us a call.

Location is key here. Making sure the light is directed so it hits both your home and a couple yards away. This will ensure your unwanted visitor stays well away from your home’s point of entry.

The brighter the better. It is important to research which motion sensor works best for your home. From range to brightness, the motion sensor should work well with the outside of your home.

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Garage Repairman

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Fri, Dec 05, 2014 @ 11:16 AM


If you’re a fan of the Today Show then you may have seen the most recent segment on Garage Door Repairmen: Hidden Camera.


Of you don’t want to spend time watching the video here’s how it works: The Today Show sent one of their employees to a home where the family had volunteered to fake a broken garage door. An expert was sent in to simply unscrew the sensor to enable the garage door from working. “Experts” from a multitude of companies were then called. They proceeded to diagnose the problem from a simple fix and a minimal service charge to an extravagant $600 repair. One even relieved himself in their lawn!

So what can you learn from this experience? Always make sure to call Overhead Door of course. In other words make sure to do your research. Check for reviews and ratings. Make sure the company is legitimate. Asking your neighbors and friends who they use is a plus as well. If you do come across that “phony” garage man, make sure to call his company or send a review to insure others don’t follow your path. Same goes for a good repairman. Reviews are a huge way of doing business these days, so a great review will make you and them happy.

To save you time and money check online for problems you might be able to fix yourself. In this case it was a simple loose screw. Or give a professional a call where we can diagnose the problem for you over the phone.

Don’t fear the garage repairman, nor break the bank. Give Overhead Door a call! As one of the oldest garage door companies, you can trust us to get the job done right. We love a happy customer.

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