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5 Brilliant Garage Organization Tricks

Posted by Overhead Door Permian Basin on Tue, Jan 26, 2016 @ 01:34 PM

5630536467_f3e22acfe1_o-1.jpgJust hearing the word "garage" can make some people cringe. They are so hard to keep clean and tidy! Check out our 5 brilliant garage organization tricks!

1. An easy way to organize small things (screws, bolts, nails, etc.) in your garage is to screw the lids of small, clear plastic containers to the bottom of shelf. Fill the containers with the little things you'd like to organize. You'll be able to easily see the things you need!

2. Place magnetic strips in your garage to easily organize different tools. Simply attach the strips to a tool bench or drawer and organize the tools along the strip!

3. Another idea for a tool (particularly screwdrivers) rack is to simply take a piece of wood and drill holes (as many as you need) along the board. From there, you can place the screwdrivers, handle up, in the board.

4. There are so many types of tape that you keep in your garage! To organize the different ones, make a small wooden box (preferable with wooden "walls" to keep them apart), attach a blade on one end of the box and there you have it…you own personal tape dispenser!

5. Don't forget about the old-fashioned (but always handy!) pegboard! You can arrange everything, from planters and foliage, to hammers, pliers, or even a broom and dustpan! Anything you can put up on the wall (and off the floor!) is a plus!

Hopefully, those garage organization tricks will help you keep your garage in order! For other fun tips and tricks like the ones above, follow our blog! And don't forget, Overhead Door is here for all your garage door needs…think of us first!

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